I Asked 32 College Students Why They're Excited for Christmas Break
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I Asked 32 College Students Why They're Excited for Christmas Break

"Sausage Balls."

I Asked 32 College Students Why They're Excited for Christmas Break
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I will be home in 407 hours. I've had so many great experiences this semester, but as someone who hasn't been home since I moved in over three months ago, there's a multitude of things I miss about home. From my family, to my bed, to my dog, to my favorite hometown breakfast joint, I miss a lot of things. Here's what 30 other college kids, from multiple campuses, have to say in response to the question "What are you looking forward to about winter break?"

1. "No more stressing about studying for a whole month."


3. "My doggos! And spending time with my family. And eating food with flavor!"

3. "My mom's wedding!"

4. "Making money and seeing my man."

5. "My dog."

6. "Packing for studying abroad in Northern Ireland in the spring!"

7. "No homework."

8. "The CMPD Christmas Project and giving my loved ones their gifts."

9. "To go home and see people!"

10. "Going to Europe!"

11. "Seeing Slinky, my cat."

12. "Sleeping and seeing my friends."

13. "My hometown. Huntsville is magical."

14. "Spending time with family, seeing my dogs, and the food."

15. "Going to my grandma's house and not being in school."

16. "Much sleep."

17. "Mostly seeing my dogs and to see my friends, who I haven't seen in a minute. My family, I guess. Maybe there'll be a winter wonderland waiting for me. That'd be nice."

18. "Not feeling dead inside."

19. "More free time to read books, make candles, and make candy."

20. "Not being loaded with stress."

21. "To sleeping and not being sick."

22. "Eating Christmas cookies!"

23. "More me time! I barely have time to myself during the school year."

24. "Picking avocados fresh off the grove everyday."

25. "Not being here."

26. "Seeing my friends."

27. "Slowing down and re-centering myself so I can hopefully have a better semester after break."

28. "Eating sausage balls and not having a disgusting bathroom and shower."

29. ""Sleep. And going to Disney World and Universal."

30. "Eating food that isn't awful.

31. "Getting funky with old friends."

32. "Netflix."

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