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Check Up On Your Friends, Even The Strongest Ones Might Be Hurting

There are inner battles that some fight and they never speak about them... this is what is so dangerous.

After the recent passing of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain and so many celebrities and loved ones, it has taken us far too long to open our eyes and address the importance of mental health awareness. Many people in our country suffer from mind-crippling disorders every day, and such a small percentage of this population receives the help that is proven to be effective. These treatments should not be as expensive as they are, because everyone deserves the right to be supported with a clear mind. It should be a right for every human to be in the correct state of mind. If everyone had access to treatments that ensured a clear mind, it would help lower suicide, self-harm, and crime rates.

One of the first steps to aid this issue is the ability to talk about it. There is such a stigma against mental illnesses for no reason. Everyone should be able to speak what they feel and seek help. Do not be afraid to speak up because finding a helping hand, whether it be a friend or a doctor, is so important to the healing process.

Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, along with other celebrities, proved to us that even the people who seem the happiest are hurting inside. There are inner battles that some fight and they never speak about them... this is what is so dangerous. Next time you are hurting, don't fake your smile. Talk to someone. You are not alone. Check in frequently on even your strongest friends. You never know what someone is hiding inside their mind.

Practice self-love, meditate on a daily basis, find something you love to do that will keep you happy. It is not selfish to love yourself first before you love others. Focusing on bettering yourself and finding who you are through self-care is so important.

Sometimes your thoughts may seem to eat you alive, but do not let yourself give in. Do not ignore the feelings you keep inside. Do not think things will get better on its own. There are so many people in this world who are suffering in the same way you may be. You are not alone. Speak up and seek help. You are not crazy for wanting help, and you are certainly not crazy for having to take medicine, spending time in a mental health center, or seeking a therapist. These options are available to keep you safe.

National Suicide Prevention LifelineCall 1-800-273-8255

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