Ash's Diary

Ash’s Diary

Name: Ash

Age: 16

If lost return to:

The stone house in the second most inner circle of Eden

Eden is a futuristic society that takes place after humans have destroyed the world (this is known as the eco-fail) and this story takes place 200 years after the eco-fail. A few selected people were chosen to move into Eden, the last place on earth with living organisms that’s surrounded by a protective bubble to keep out the wasteland earth has become. Eden has no season and no calendar was discussed in this book nor do they use last names. The selected people lived there and continued a normal lifestyle while they waited for the earth to restore itself so they can leave. About 50 years ago a rise in population caused the government to make a law prohibiting families from having more than one kid so there limited resources won’t run out. Hiding and protecting a second child is punishable by death. When a child is born they’re given lens implants in their eyes that change the color and have their id in them, and because of this, a second child can be spotted from a mile away.

Dear Diary,

I’m such a bad brother. I try so hard to give Rowan the information she misses out on by being shut up in this house for 16 years, but I don’t always remember everything she wants. It’s my fault she’s stuck here in the first place because if I hadn’t been born first our positions would be switched. If she was the first born I’d be trapped in the house and she’d be out in the world making friends and telling me everything she remembers at the end of the day. I wish we could trade places because I feel so bad especially when I think about what amazing friends I have, like Lark. Lark is the reason I couldn’t tell Rowan everything. If I had only remembered the stupid color of her dress Rowan would be happy. It makes me upset and guilty when I can’t remember everything she wants to know. Being her brother prohibits me from doing anything fun, but it’s such a small price to pay. I’m not allowed to invite friends over or go to parties because we can’t have any attention on our family or any reason for anyone to be suspicious. Even the smallest suspicion could lead to an investigation and because of the security robots Rowan would be discovered in a heartbeat. We can hide her from people who don’t have any idea she’s here by using hidden rooms and crawl spaces, but we can’t get rid of her DNA that’s all over the house unless we burn it down. If she’s discovered it would mean death or maybe even worse for all of us. Oh no, the doorbell just rang! I have to go help Rowan hide!



Dear Diary,

Today Mom told us that she found a way to get Rowan lens implants, but she’d have to live with a different family. I’ll miss her, but she deserves the chance to have a life and we can still visit each other. After mom told her she ran out. I wanted to follow her, but Mom held me back. She said that Rowan probably wants to be alone, but Rowans spent the last 16 years being alone. As soon as Mom went to her office I went into the backyard where Rowan spends most of her time. Our back yard is completely closed in by a 30 ft high stone wall and the only way to it is through the house. I searched everywhere for her, but couldn’t find her. I thought she might have gone to her room without me noticing, but I checked and it looked as if no ones slept there for months. Rowan sleeps in the guest room and doesn’t have anything in there to call her own. She makes the bed perfectly every morning and shares my clothes. If anyone ever came into our house and found another room with a closet filled with girl clothes we would all be toast. I wonder where she went? What if she went over the wall? I hope she didn’t, but if she does I hope she’s sensible enough to stay hidden. I know she is, but I can’t help worrying. Then again, she deserves a night out. It’s getting late and I should probably go.

Thanks for being there for me,


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