As I Finally Pack Up My College Freshman Dorm

At the end of August, I packed up my life at home and brought it with me to college. You helped me unpack the truck and bring my belongings up to my dorm room. After saying one of my hardest goodbyes, you drove away as both of us had tears in our eyes.

But now as freshman year is starting to end, I am preparing to pack up my dorm and move back home.

I know it's been a lot quieter since I moved out. Less laundry to do, one less person to cook dinner for, and less noise for you at all hours of the day. I guess you are either really excited for me to come home or you are dreading the fact that the semester is coming to the end for me.

I enjoyed my first year away from home. I enjoyed the freedom and I loved making my own rules. I know I was safe and smart about everything I decided to do. I figured out my own boundaries in many situations. I learned a lot about my self that I never knew before. The most important thing I am taking from this year away from home was learning how to take care of my self. I had to manage my time for homework and some alone time, I got a job, I became independent, and so many things happened in a short period of time. I realized how much I value my time with my family and how big of a homebody I truly am. I learned so many things this school year but it is time for me to come back home.

As I do start the process of moving home, please be patient with me as I readjust to the lifestyle I once had at home. I have spent so much time on my own doing my own thing at all hours of the night, going to hang with friends till 2 am during the week, and just making my own rules. I know the rules are a lot different at home, it just might take me a little time to adjust back to the way things used to be while I was at home all the time.

On the bright side, I will bring a lot of my life lessons with me as I move home. I can help you keep the house clean (somehow I became a neat freak), I can help you with laundry, and I will help you with whatever you need to be done. But with that being said please don't get mad at me if I forget to put my dishes away or if I leave the kitchen cupboards open (sorry mom), I promise I will adjust to the way of living at home again.

I also would like to say thank you. This year has been crazy for me so thank you for supporting and loving me even in my bad days. You have done so much for me and I am so thankful. You have helped me survive my freshman year away from home.

No more classes, exams, or lectures. I'm finally coming home and I never been so excited.

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