​Artificial Intelligence Researchers and Vaccinologists Collaborate for Answers to COVID-19
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​Artificial Intelligence Researchers and Vaccinologists Collaborate for Answers to COVID-19

As the world searches for answers to the virus, scientists lend their expertise to the medical field as artificial intelligence technology is created for research and testing purposes.

​Artificial Intelligence Researchers and Vaccinologists Collaborate for Answers to COVID-19

According to an ABC News article written on March 28thby Anthony Rivas and Gerry Wagschal, "as of Saturday morning, there were at least 601,478 cases of COVID-19 and 27,862 deaths globally, with 104,837 cases and 1,711 deaths in the United States."

Senior AI Staff Writer for venturebeat.com, Khari Johnson, described "inadequately supplied frontline healthcare workers" as "heroes in the trenches of war."

Despite how accurate this is the true heroes we need to come through to put an end to the coronavirus craze are scientists, who've been faced with the task of developing a vaccine for the virus.

It seems as though a lot of scientific focus has been put toward AI development, as scientists search for a way to test for COVID-19 without advocating for the spread of the virus.

In Spain, Khari Johnson also reveals that "four robots are automating up to 80,000 COVID-19 tests a day, and in the United States, AI is part of the search for a coronavirus vaccine, but there are calls to service away from the front lines, too. On Thursday, Microsoft, together with top AI universities in the country, launched the C3.ai Digital Transformation Institute and issued a call for AI techniques to mitigate pandemic fallout, with up to $5.8 million in prizes."

This collaboration between the healthcare field and biomechanical engineering is new innovation that could pave way for a new era of awakening through advancements in biomedical and biomechanical services.

Although many writers and TV personalities have jokingly referred to those who stay at home and sit on the couch all day as the modern "hero," that may not necessarily be the case. Often in the media, AI technology has been contextualized by fear of a future controlled by machines. As possible as many scientists believe that to be, it could also be the route humanity needs to take in order to make scientific breakthroughs that could prove to be a building block to a better, safer society.

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