Artifical Intelligence

Artifical Intelligence

What I learned from Alan Turing and the movie "I, Robot"

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According to Alan Turing, machines have the sort of intelligence we have if and only if they can understand language, machines can understand language, so therefore, machines have the sort of intelligence we have. Machines can understand the same language that we can. Also, if a computer’s responses to the Turing Test fulfill the criteria we use to judge human intelligence, we can say that the computer is intelligent. Alan Turing agreed with Decartes’s premise but was optimistic about the abilities of future machines. He believed that someday machines would be technologically capable to pass the Turing Test. He also believed that machines would be fooling human interrogators a significant percentage of the time.

In my opinion, I believe that the robots in I, Robot were exhibiting a sense of functionalism to their own degree. During Sonny’s interrogation by Detective Spooner, Sonny smashed his hands on the table to express anger when it was asked if it killed Doctor Laning. Sonny showed emotions in this case and also when he learned how properly utilize the winking technique at the end of the film. I believe that the robots could go terminal since Sonny seemed to be a cut above the rest in terms of emotions and feelings. So, it is safe to say that some robots are capable of artificial intelligence if they are programmed correctly and uniquely. I still think we have decades to go before some sort of intelligence even remotely close to Sonny’s can be artificially produced.

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