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Coming Up With Articles Ideas Is Easy, But Actually Writing Them Can Be Hard

Considering I have been trying to decide on an article topic for the entire week, I am going to write a string of ideas that I had that seemingly went nowhere and have no substance to create a written piece about.

Coming Up With Articles Ideas Is Easy, But Actually Writing Them Can Be Hard

Writing an article every Friday is very rewarding. Having an entire week to decide on an idea, take about one or two days to think of how to approach the idea, and then set out about an hour to write and edit the piece to my liking, and finally submit the writing for revision and hope that our editors enjoy my five-hundred word article about what most likely revolves around Niall Horan or "Life Lessons" (I'm only nineteen and I have learned very little of what life actually means, thus far) or Internet-related topics.

Winter Break at UCF allowed me to travel the four hours home to Cape Coral for the week of Christmas and I didn't focus on prepping articles for upcoming weeks (as I try to do), and getting back to working retail with the return season of holiday consumers and guests and failing to organize my bedroom like I have been promising myself I would accomplish for a week , I haven't focused on an article idea, once again.

Here I am, at 11:00 P.M. on Friday, with my article due in one hour, and I have absolutely nothing written.

Am I disappointed? Yes. Am I surprised? No.

But, instead of writing an article about something fake that I actually didn't take any time to think about and contemplate, I am going to write a string of ideas that I had that seemingly went nowhere and have no substance to create a written piece about.

Happy Reading!



- Jess and Gabriel: How Their Impact On YouTube Changed My Perspective On Love

- Boys Across the World: Differences and Similarities

- Why Writing (Sometimes) Sucks

- How I Am Not Prepared for Spring Semester

- Why I Am Overly Confident About My Internship This Summer (I'm Manifesting)

- Why I Don't Want To Live in America

- Why I Need Niall Horan To Go Back On Tour

- Why Niall Shouldn't Go Back On Tour: I'm Poor

- Why I Actually Hate Being a Procrastinator

- How I Work Better Under Pressure

- How I Have No Idea What I'm Doing With My Life (But I Do at the Same Time)

- Why I Am Going To Stop Saying "I'm A Mess"

- How To Be Your Own Best Friend

- Why Toxic Friendships Are Important In Your Life (Temporarily)

- Why I Should Be More Prepared But I Am Not

- What To Do If You Hate Your Job

- What To Do When You Have No Idea What To Write About


Here we are, with a giant list of ideas that my brain has been accumulating but I have failed to write about. Have I started these articles? One of them! Do I plan on writing on those ideas? Maybe! Do I think the articles will be coming soon? Probably not!

I have the worst case of procrastination in the entire world, but I work spectacularly under pressure.

PERFECT EXAMPLE: I have now finished this article and it is 11:57 P.M.

Concluding, I suck at writing about the ideas in my head, but I know that my anxiety to work under pressure will save me.

So, thank you for reading this monstrosity.

See ya soon!

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