If you're even semi-close to the type of person I am, there is something in life you choose to hold off on as long as possible. This is me with writing. It's not that I don't think of fun ideas to discuss in my articles (O.K. sometimes it can be a real challenge). It's that my mind wanders every 60 seconds. "Oh I haven't checked Facebook recently" or "ooh sushi sounds good for dinner" are just two of the millions of things that cross my mind within an hour. I can go from discussing the Great Wall of China with you to wanting to go pet puppies. My mind is a never ending roller coaster, one I constantly wish had a "get off ride" button.

As you can see, my mind is already losing track! *Alright Jo just focus.* You can imagine my weekly struggle when it comes to trying to write these articles. This may just be the typical writer's block that we all experience every once in awhile, or I could seriously use some caffeine. I have the mind of a five year old most of the time so let's pray I make it through this article!

Here are 30 things that cross my mind when trying to write:

P.S. I may or may not have stumbled across writer's block while working on this. The world may never know.

1. My article is due today and I haven't started.

2. Once again I win "most likely to turn my article in late."

3. No! I will get this in on time.

4. Oh hey, I wonder if I have kiwi.

5. Wow, kiwi sounds really good right now.

6. Wait, article! Maybe I'll try serious this week.

7. Who am I kidding, I can't write serious to save my life.

8. I should stick to memes and lists.

9.But then I'll feel like a failure.

10. I can't be the only one late on their article can I?

11. I wish I could think of better ideas than food and movies.

12. Well there are some really good movies out!

13. Why have I not started this article?

14. What is going on in the news, maybe I could write about current events?

15. Just kidding, those require so much background information.

16. I just need funny, interesting, and recent.

17. I feel shunned from society.

18. I know maybe one current event taking place.

19. The only recent news is about Trump and the wall.

20. Well, that's been over written so no.

21. I should take a break and get pizza.

22. Maybe if I go for a run it'll allow more blood flow to my brain.

23. Lord knows I could use it at this rate.

24. I could discuss getting back into the gym.

25. Then again, I haven't actually gone to the gym this weekend.

26. I went to Disney though! I could write on that.

27. But then I'll be judged endlessly for being obsessed with Disney.

28. Fine, I'll pick my idea in 3...2...1.

29. Nope, zero, zip, nada.

30. Why am I like this?