As an artist, I have an inside perspective of the art thing. You know, that art thing, that thing that is art. That roller coaster of emotions? Yeah, that thing.

Anyway, I've recently started a new project and would like to share my "Art Process."

1. Inspiration

This is when you have an idea, and you really want to bring it to life, so you start the "Art Process."

2. Putting Pencil To Sketchbook

You've finalized your idea and you're beginning to put the most basic of outlines on paper or canvas. You are a master artist (at least in your mind).

3. Excitement

The basics are down now, and you're excited to continue. You are even more excited to see the final outcome.

4. Hunger

Not much to say about this. I guess you better get something to eat, and you've got to feed that creativity anyway. Yeah, some Oreos sound good.

5. Shock

Now that you've finished eating, you come back, you're ready to start working again, but then you look back at what you just did. It's terrible! You can't believe you thought you were doing so well! It's time to start all over again!

6. Laziness

There 's no point in erasing all of it, surely you can fix it (even though there isn't anything to fix).

7. Frustration

You tried so hard to fix it, but it seems as if everything you do only makes it worse.

8. Break Time

The frustration hits you, so you decide to take a "break."

9. Grand Return

You come back to your project and realize it was never as bad as you thought it was.

10. Don't Overwork It

You're done, but you keep seeing imperfections that you keep trying to fix. Stop. Take a step back and look at it. I bet you'll feel much less insecure.

Art is meant to be fun, but sometimes we make it much harder than it needs to be.