Forgiveness is a tricky thing to figure out. It is a life lesson that is essential. Forgiveness is about allowing yourself to release those ill feelings for someone or a situation that you are in. When fogging someone you can either forgive them and end the relationship whether platonic or romantic or you can try and maintain the relationship.

Forgiveness is such a tricky thing cause even though you are doing it for someone else, you benefit the most from forgiving someone. Allowing yourself to let go of the feelings you were holding in. The emotion you have toward them before you make the conscious decision to forgive them can sometimes cause problems into your day to day life.

When forgiving someone and ending the relationship you had with someone, is the easiest way of forgiveness in my opinion because you do not constantly see them or talk to them so over time you forget about the situation that occurred. Wanting to maintain a relationship with someone who needs forgiveness is difficult. Some people tend to make the person feel continuous guilt for what the person did to them. They constantly make the other person relive their mistakes.

Here are some tips i have learned for forgiving someone:

1. Recognizing your feelings

2. Talk about the situation, with honest and raw feelings

3. Accept the situation and the person for what/who they are

4. Come to a resolution

5. Allow the person to build up the relationship back up with no restraints but over time.

I refer to forgiveness as an art because even though it is for someone else, you benefit from it the most. It is just like a painter painting to release emotion even though it is hung up in someone else's house as art.