To those who graduated college and university with an art major, you're probably nervous whether your art major will guarantee you the dream job you wanted and the successful future you so desired. Perhaps you have met up with someone who tells you an art major will only make you end up poor in the end.

And at the same time, they will tell you that an art major will lead you to nowhere. Well, you're not alone, I too have met people who tells me the same thing and it is bit discouraging. But I will tell you this: An art major does lead you to somewhere. Believe it or not, there are actually lots of opportunities for art majors. There are a lot of business companies looking for graphic designers to work on logos and brands. There are also advertising companies who are looking for artists to do commercial art! Also, there are writers looking for illustrators to work on their book covers and illustrations.

There are even art galleries looking for the people knowledgeable in art interpretation and art history and in creativity. Moreover, there are animation studios looking for skillful and creative storytellers as well as character designers. There are industries looking for fashion designers and even concept artists for video games as well! Nevertheless, there are art teachers needed in schools too! That is to say that an art major does not limit you in seeking for jobs at all.

Plus, even if you have graduated from college with an art major and thinking you should continue your studies even further, you should definitely go ahead! If you are considering becoming an art teacher, going to an art teacher program after college is a great idea! Do not be afraid and take that chance! And to the art majors who are having a rocky start on their career path, I'm saying this: Don't give up. Look into your art portfolio you have developed during the college years. It's great to see how much you progressed over the years. Keep on drawing, keep on designing, and keep on painting. Have faith in yourself because you will find something.

Being an artist means finding your place in the world as well as your purpose in life.

But last but not least, don't forget to be happy and live life even if life is not what you planned it to be. If you are not getting the full-time job you are hoping for with your art major, it's okay to get a part-time job and keep searching for that dream job. There is nothing wrong in that at all. Thinking of polishing some drawing skills and photoshop skills before landing that dream job of yours? Go ahead! And who knows? Maybe you'll wind up liking a job not related to your art major at all.

Best wishes, art majors, I hope this inspires you!