A Letter Of Appreciation For The Squirrels On The University Of Arkansas Campus

Imagine this: You're walking to class in a part of campus that doesn't see much traffic. You hear slight rustling of the leaves and you wonder where the noise could be coming from. You look over towards the noise and you see it -a squirrel. The squirrel is just having a wonderful time doing whatever it is that squirrels do, and you realize in that one moment, that the squirrels on the University of Arkansas campus might just be the greatest members of the campus community. So to the squirrels - we love you. You're the best part of life in Fayetteville.

University of Arkansas squirrels have a mind of their own. They're not normal squirrels, they're cool squirrels. They have realized over time that the students and faculty are not going to hurt them, so they'll come right up to you. You can feed them, take good pictures of them, and probably even pet them if your heart so desires (although I wouldn't recommend it). They never shy away from some good old-fashioned time with humans. I doubt any other place on earth has squirrels as rad as the squirrels at the University of Arkansas.

The squirrels are relaxing, in a way. There is something about walking by yourself and seeing a squirrel just simply being a squirrel and automatically feeling calmer than you were before. No matter the stressor(s) in your life, the peacefulness you feel when watching a squirrel can make you feel better almost immediately. If they seem content when they don't know where their next acorn is coming from, then why don't we feel content throughout all circumstances. They are a reminder that all will be okay and all will work itself out. As cheesy as it may sound, I think we all need this constant reminder from our rodent friends.

The squirrels are also just really cool to get to know. I wonder what their lives are like after all the students go home. Do they have fights about who buried which acorn? Do they argue with each other about who gets to sleep on which tree limb? They probably have a whole other life outside of the persona they put on during the school day. They probably have squirrel cliques and squirrel friendships, squirrel drama, and squirrel relationship issues. Yet, we never see that. All we see is their happiness during the day.

The University of Arkansas squirrels are truly one of the greatest parts of my day to day life. The tranquility they provide is comforting, and the life they live outside of the day is intriguing. The squirrels are one of the most underappreciated members of our campus community, and yet they are my favorite creatures to see each day. So if you're ever walking around campus at the University of Arkansas and you see a squirrel, know how truly blessed you are to be in their presence and take in all the emotions. Because our squirrels are the greatest.

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