15 Thoughts I have About Ariana Grande And Pete Davidson Getting ENGAGED After, like, 3 weeks

15 Thoughts I have About Ariana Grande And Pete Davidson Getting ENGAGED After, like, 3 weeks

When you know, you know I guess...


I don't know about you, but this whole Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson relationship timeline has me SHOOK.

This is coming from someone who attended a Christian university for three years. Quick engagements were the norm, but even this entire relationship caught me off guard.

Here are 15, yes 15, thoughts that went through my head about Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson's engagement after only three weeks:

1. Didn't Mac Miller and Ariana Grande JUST break up?

Mac Miller and Ariana Grande literally JUST broke up and she is already engaged? I don't know about you, but I'd be slashing some tires if my ex got engaged that quickly after our break up.

2. And didn't Pete Davidson and Cazzie David just break up?

I'm just saying maybe, just MAYBE Ariana and Pete had something going before their break ups took place... but THAT'S none of my business.

3. Cazzie is handling this like a champ.

Cazzie has every right to be petty, but she has apparently moved on. You go girl! (We all know what she's thinking though).

4. So who is dressing up in Harry Potter attire with me?

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson dressed up in Harry Potter robes and so did Ashley Ioncetti and Jared Haibon. Now they're both engaged. Coincidence? I think not. Zac Efron if you're reading this please meet me at Harry Potter World. Robes on me.

5. Okay but that ring...

I would say yes after three weeks if someone proposed with that ring, too.

6. It takes me three weeks to figure out if I even like a guy back.

Honestly, I am way too indecisive to be able to relate to their relationship in any way.

7. How do people rebound so quickly?

I still can't message a guy on bumble or go on a date without feeling sad about my ex, and it has been three MONTHS... shout out to Ariana and Pete for being able to move on so quickly after ending two year relationships.

8. Oh she already wrote a song about him?

Ariana moves quickly. She is not only engaged in less than three weeks of dating a guy, but she also has written a song about him that is probably going to be amazing.

9. Matching tattoos... how'd that go last time Pete?

As if an engagement wasn't permanent enough... Pete already had to cover up a tattoo of his ex's face. Here's to hoping he won't have to cover these tattoos!

10. When in doubt... buy a mansion!

I think they're doing things backwards. BTW the mansion is $16 million dollars. A million dollars for everyday they've been together!

11. So... is she pregnant orrr?

I am just waiting for the paparazzi to release a baby bump picture.

12. I can't even get a text back...

Pete and Ariana are falling in love faster than I can cook easy Mac n cheese and I am over here waiting for a text back. It's fine. I'm fine. Everything's fine.

13. Who tf came up with Petriana?

Petriana is Pete and Ariana's couple name. I don't know WHO came up with it, but it reminds me of a Petri dish and those are gross.

14. At this point, I wouldn't even be surprised if they eloped next week.

You heard it here first people.

15. When you know you know I guess...

All in all, it doesn't matter what we think about Ariana and Pete's relationship. What matters is that they are happy. Best of luck to them both!

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Mac Miller's 'Swimming' Really Helped Me Through Some Hard Times

We all need to revisit and appreciate this Grammy Nominated album and celebrate how awesome it is.


I would never claim that I was always an insane Mac Miller fan, but I definitely followed and listened to his popular songs throughout his career. Though, after he tragically lost his life, I really started listening to his music particularly his most recent album, 'Swimming'. When Mac passed away I was going through a really hard time in my life, I was struggling to find happiness in anything, I was in a vicious cycle of severe sadness that I could see was spiraling out of control.

I am also the last person to ever really tell anyone about the way I am feeling because that is just how I was raised and am as a result of it. I turned to music. Music is so special because when you can't find the words to describe how you're feeling, music is truly there for you, to say every word that you cannot.

I stumbled across 'Swimming', before I had really only known Mac for his catchy upbeat songs that I had heard throughout the years. I just decided to play the album one song at a time and when I heard the first song on the album, 'Come Back to Earth', I legitimately fell in love.

'Come Back to Earth' is about Mac Miller feeling detached from social situations around people that he used to have relationships with. He talks about how he would do anything to get out of his own head. This is something that I related to so much because when it comes to anything I can never get out of my own head. Nothing is really worse than that because you are just constantly making yourself relive something that made you really sad.

'Dunno' is about Ariana Grande and about how his life was so carefree and happy when she was around. He wishes that he didn't mess up things with her because now he is lost without her. I really loved this song because I love the way it sounds, but something that I always find myself doing is looking back on times where I was happier, and just trying to imagine myself at that moment now.

'2009' is a lot about Mac's past and the effects that it has had on his future. He questions what his life would be like if he wasn't a rapper. He talks about moving past his ex and moving past the depression that came with the breakup. Though he kind of reaches the end of the song by saying he has never really been in a better state. I loved this song because it should me that I can really make it through the tough time that I was going through. I could push past the sadness that I was feeling and eventually be happy like I was in the past.

Those are just my favorites on the album but there are so many other amazing songs. This entire album is about healing from something that you are going through. Mac had such a special talent of writing music that everyone could relate in some way. I feel honored to have found and listened to this album when I did, I don't know where I would be if I didn't.

I'm not really here to tell you that I think that Mac Miller should have one Rap Album of the Year at the Grammys, even though I think he should have, but I am here to say that Mac didn't only create the music he created art. He created a heart that healed so many, including me. I think he deserves all of the recognition and more, he was a true legend, and I hope his songs continue to help other people.

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