Ariana Moved Too Fast Too Soon With Pete
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Ariana Grande's Breakup With Pete Should Be A Wake-Up Call That Some Things Are Just Too Fast, Way Too Soon

When exploring a new relationship, the LAST thing you should do is get engaged after a few weeks of dating.

Ariana Grande's Breakup With Pete Should Be A Wake-Up Call That Some Things Are Just Too Fast, Way Too Soon

I think we can all agree that new relationships are great. The bubbly feelings of happiness, first dates together, learning all about each other and your first kiss as a couple! Although it may be tempting to just give your whole heart to the relationship in the first day, you should do exactly the opposite.

The faster you give your heart, the faster the relationship takes a direct nose dive.

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson started dating in late May, and only a couple weeks following, Ariana displayed her engagement ring. She seemed so smitten and happy — good for her!

Personally, I have always loved Ariana and admired her ever since she became a star. Of course, she deserved to be happy, right? After scrolling through the picture on Instagram, the thought kept coming back to me.

Why so soon?

It certainly wasn't my business, but it sure felt like it when countless photos of her and Pete kept catching my eyes on social media. First KISSES should be saved for after a few weeks, not engagement! Oh, and did I forget to mention the matching tattoos they got?

If you're going to get a matching tattoo with your partner, go for it. But I would wait a very long time until I was sure I'd be with them forever, so I wouldn't have to go through a whole rough and expensive process to get them removed.

Enough of the engagement ring talk, let's get to the real point.

Ariana has been through so much — the shooting at Manchester, Mac Miller's death and much more. Her relationship with Pete seemed to keep her quite sane. Only the exes know the raw truth of what exactly happened. But as an outside source, my heart feels for Ariana. Yes, she was a little ignorant to get engaged that fast. But hey, it was a new chance at love and you can't blame a girl for getting excited.

It certainly shouldn't take a celebrity love and heartbreak story to make you wake up and realize that some things are just too fast too soon.

But in this day and age, it might be what it takes to make people realize that they are moving far too quickly in relationships. Take your time and move slowly. There is absolutely NO rush.

In a relationship, in regards to everything, just go at a slow and steady pace that you are comfortable with. If your partner isn't OK with that, then they certainly aren't worth a second more of your time.

Who knows, Ariana and Pete just could've worked out if they would've taken things at a MUCH slower pace. Life is unexpected. You may love them today, but you could end up feeling completely opposite tomorrow.

Take a deep breath, sit back, and enjoy the ride of a relationship. You have a whole lifetime to go on a weekend getaway, get intimate with each other and finally get engaged. There is no rush, and there never should be. Don't rush it, and you'll get rewarded with a long-lasting relationship.

Most importantly, always remember that some things are just too fast, way too soon.

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