Under No Circumstances Should Argentina Have Denied An Eleven-Year-Old Girl Girl Access To An Abortion After Being Raped

The Argentinian Authorities Should  Be Ashamed Of Forcing An 11-Year-Old Girl To Give Birth To Her Rapist's Baby

The only child that was being harmed during this whole ordeal was Lucía.


If I had to think about something that terrifies me to my core, it would be being raped. Every time I see another survivor's story, my heart breaks. I was especially distraught when I saw the story of an eleven-year-old Argentine girl that is being called "Lucía" to protect her identity.

Childhood should be about being carefree and innocent. Raping a child is already one of the most heinous crimes someone could commit, but then forcing that child to carry their rapist's baby is even crueler. Lucía was raped and impregnated by her grandmother's sixty-five-year-old partner. When she found out she was pregnant, she attempted to commit suicide by self-harming and was then admitted to the Eva Perón hospital outside of Tucumán.

In Argentina, abortion is illegal, except in cases of rape or if the woman's life would be endangered by carrying to term. It should have never been up for debate whether or not Lucía should have been allowed to have an abortion. Not only did a doctor state in court that she was at high obstetric risk if she was forced to continue with her pregnancy, but Lucía herself said that she wanted an abortion. She told a psychologist at the hospital,

"I want you to remove what the old man put inside me."

The Argentine government had no right to stand in the way of her getting an abortion. They would not be giving birth to the rapist's child, Lucía would be. It is inhumane to force someone, let alone a child, to carry the child of their rapist. The abuse that Lucía faced had clearly taken a toll on her since she had committed suicide twice during the pregnancy, but Argentine officials refused to listen to Lucía's pleas.

Gustavo Vigliocco, Tucumán's health secretary, even lied about Lucía's wishes and claimed that she did not want an abortion. He said,

"I am close to both the child and her mother. The child wants to continue her pregnancy. We are considering the risks but she has a large contexture, she weighs more than 50 kilos."

It is bad enough to try to convince the government that an eleven-year-old girl would want to continue with a pregnancy that was the product of rape, but to try to create a case for her to have to carry to term by saying that she weighs enough? That is beyond evil. Mariana Carbajal, the journalist and feminist that broke Lucía's story, explained the situation best. She stated that,

"Tucumán treated her like a receptacle, like an incubator."

On February 26, Lucía had to undergo a cesarean section after being pregnant for 23 weeks. The baby's chances of survival are low. Thankfully, Lucía was doing well after the operation. The fact that an eleven-year-old girl was forced by her country's government into continuing the pregnancy that resulted from her rape is so horrifying that it makes me feel sick to my stomach. The Argentine officials truly saw Lucía as a political pawn to gain support from pro-life campaigners.

The entire argument of people that are pro-choice is that they want to "save the life of the child." Lucía is a child. She is a child that was abused and got pregnant because of that abuse. Does her life not matter? Are you capable of ignoring that she is already alive and has been put through something horrific in order to "save the child" inside of her? Our priority should be to care for and fight for the children that are already here in this world.

Early on in the pregnancy when Lucía wanted the abortion, the "baby" that was inside of her was not an actual child. The only child that was being harmed during this whole ordeal was Lucía. It was her legal right to get an abortion, but she was refused because of the chants of pro-life campaigners that wanted to "save both lives." There were not two lives to save. There was only one and it was Lucía's. The Argentine government failed her and put her through physical and mental torture.

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7 Ways America And Panama Differ

You have to know the difference between your home country and the one you are visiting

I know that a lot of people have never been to the country of Panama and there are even some people who have never heard of the isthmus that separates North America from South America. Those who have heard of it is known mostly for the Panama Canal which is a man-made canal that connects the Pacific Ocean with the Atlantic Ocean. For all of those who have wonder what else does Panama having going for it I am going to tell you what makes it difference than being in the United States.

1. Functioning Road Systems

Panama does have roads. They are not necessarily considered highways but they do have big paved roads and certain roads that are regular two lane paved roads. The real difference is that they are not as complex as our road system. Yes, there are road signs but the road signs won't really guide you just tell you where you are at. Also, to add to the confusion, the roads don't really have names and the roads that do have names are known by more than one name. One could be the name that it is actually called but then everyone else knows it by a different one. There are also really bad traffic jams caused by the bad road system Panama has. There is bumper to bumper, stopped traffic everyday when people are going to school and work and also when they get off.

2. Buffets

Panama does not have buffet style restaurants. I believe that the only American restaurants that really appear in Panama are the very popular and big franchises. For example, they have still not gotten an In and Out Burger, Zaxby's, or Panera over there. What is even more taboo to see there. The closest thing to it is Chinese restaurants, but even those you pay for each individual item. I believe it does not happen because people will simply abuse it. They will go in the morning and stay until dinner time or they will sneak a lot of food out. People in Panama can barely handle the soda fountain without abusing it. In every restaurant you go there is a sign saying that once you leave the restaurant there is no more getting refills and that is if they are even gracious enough to allow free refills.

3. Libraries

The most aggravating thing of all has to be that there are no public libraries. There are a couple places where you can buy books but those places are few to none. Also the book (especially the English ones) are way overpriced than what you would pay in the states. I believe there are several reasons why there are no libraries other than the government not pushing for it. One reason is that the people have no need for libraries. Most people in Panama do not read for leisure. They read only because it is required for school. Even then it is worse than pulling teeth to get youth to read. But when they do all the reading they have, it's in textbooks or they have to go out and buy a novel. Another reason I think is because they think reading is for nerds. When I go there my family is mind blown that I actually read for fun or that I can laugh my head off while I am reading words from a book that I chose to read.

4. Drive Through Car Washes

In Panama there are practically no drive through car washes. There are places where you leave your car while you are shopping, at the house, or even eating and guys will clean your car with the water hose. However, don't leave anything valuable in the car because it will most likely be gone by the time you get the car back and it is courteous to leave a tip. If you don't want some unknown guys to wash your car, there are few, but rarely any, do it yourself car washes that will have the water hose for you. However, those might not even exists anymore.

5. Dollar Stores

You will probably never see a Dollar Tree or Dollar General store in Panama. And this is not only because it is an American store but because Panamanians are very prideful. They may not have a lot of money to spend, but they want to look like they do have a ton of money. They want their possessions to be the best, new, and popular thing around and if it does not have a name brand they don't want it. That is why dollar stores are not too popular over there. However, there are some Panamanians that can't afford that luxury. They struggle in their everyday life and can't go to those high-end stores. Instead, they go to alternate stores that sell the same things for cheap just not name brand. The most equivalent store to a dollar store in Panama is Todo a Dollar, which literally means: everything cost a dollar. In reality, you are lucky if you find anything useful at a dollar. Never the less, this store is popular in Panama and across Central America. There is another store that is the equivalent of Walmart, if it was a dollar store. They have items that are very cheap but they are often not of the best quality. But in my opinion the best way to buy cheap in Panama is going to the Chinese Market. The Panama Canal gives Panamanians many benefits and one of the best ones is that they have a lot of trading partners and a lot of trading of goods and one big trading partner is China. There are a lot of Chinese people in Panama that immigrated to work on the Panama Canal and they stayed and started their own culture with ours. Like in the US, most of them own stores and restaurants but there is also a district in Panama where they sell their Chinese goods that they sell to these bargain stores to the public in dozens. So, by buying in dozens the public saves money and it is cheaper than the price they sell at the stores.

6. Dorms in Colleges

In the city I have only heard about two main colleges that people choose from. One is more expensive than the other, but what they both have in common is that there are no dorms. It is natural for the children to stay at the house until they have graduated from college, have their own job, can find a house on their own or, of course, if you get married. However, often times the other person would just move in with the family and they would make room. This happens because Panama is a very cramped city. There are way more people than there every will be houses built. This of course means that buying a house will cost a fortune that, as a college student, you would never be able to pay. Even getting an apartment is hard and expensive beyond belief. Because they are no dorms tuition is reasonable. There are no fees to use the gym, student life, or a cafeteria because the students literally just go to class and go home. Also, the government intervenes to keep tuition low.

7. Going to the Store in Pajamas

So, I know what you are thinking. No, Panama does not have a Walmart. However, they do have a couple franchises that are similar to Walmart with departments that you can buy your groceries and shop for clothes or whatever else you might need that is open 24 hours. In those 24 hours that the store stays open you will hardly see one person walking in with their Pajamas on no matter how late it is. Panamanians take pride in their money and their looks a lot. You always have to be well brushed, dressed, and looking good in order to step foot outside your house for any reason. If not people will look at you funny and even you might feel weird walking around dressed like you are and find the people around you are dressed completely different. I know that if I were to walk into the grocery store at any time in the night I would get laughed at by the whole store.

You don't really think about certain aspects of a country until you have actually visited and seen first-hand what it is like. Other than these things, living in Panama would be a more exciting life than living in my current small town city in the south. However, you can find that some aspects of a country are hard to adjust to and sometimes you never do. But first, you have to know the difference between your home country and the one you are visiting

Cover Image Credit: Pexels.com

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The Perfect Trip Is Possible, So Here Are 5 Reasons You Should Pick Latin America For Your Next Vacation

The costs are going to be more than affordable.


I love to travel. I think all of us we must fly somewhere else every year. Visiting new places is an invaluable experience; we grow up every time we get a flight and discover new places. Also, I know sometimes we do not have the time or the money to travel. We are at the beginning of the year, and we have enough time to plan a trip.

Most of the time when we plan our next trip we think about the most famous destinations such as France, England or Italy. Of course, they are lovely places, but they are not the only ones. Today, I have a suggestion for you: Latin America. We are talking about over twenty beautiful countries full of beautiful places and many different cultures.

Here are my five reasons to travel to Latin America.

1. It is affordable.


Flighting to any country in Latin America is not expensive at all. There are many options and the cost of the flight depends on where you are living. In general, the average plane ticket cost is between $200 to $450. Again, you need to research, to check the best time to travel and what it is the best airport to take off from.

On the trip to Latin America, the costs are going to be more than affordable. Usually, hotels, food, and transportation are cheap in LATAM. There are expensive places, but you can find excellent options. Remember, you can do more with $100 in LATAM than in the US. The dollar is stronger than any of the currency there.

2. It is safe.


I know most of you when thinking of LATAM you only can remember violence, walls, immigrants, and wars. The truth is LATAM is the zone which has grown the most in the last decade. Most of the countries are better today than ten and twenty years ago. Yes, there are countries with some problems, but it is the exception, not the rule.

Before you choose your destination, check what it is the situation. I promise you will find excellent reviews. Tourism is an important part of the economy; then, they take care of the tourists. In any case, you always need to be careful when you go to a new country.

3. The options to have fun are infinite.


Latin America has options for twenty years of traveling. If you like beaches, you have the Caribbean, Atlantic, and the Pacific. You can have snow (Bariloche), forest (Amazonia), desert (Atacama), mountains (the Andes) if you like landscapes. You can also have amazing historical places from ancient cultures (Maya, Inka, and Aztecs), colonial cities (Lima, Bogota, Guatemala), modern cities (Panama, Sao Paulo).

If you like sports, you can attend any event because they have softball, baseball, croquet, tennis, and many major athletic competitions. Architecture, painting, and sculptures are there; the list of great museums is big.
You can plan any trip to Latin America.

4. Food is the best.


I can say that the cheapest restaurant is Latin America is better than any expensive restaurant in the US. The food there is so tasteful and varied, even street foot is fantastic. The best food in LATAM is affordable.

Each country has its traditional food; all of them are unique and amazing. Any country you chose will offer you the best gastronomy.

5. People are amazing.

Agberto Guimaraes

I know you can find great people everywhere, but Latinos are kind, funny and talkative and even if they don't speak English, they will talk with you a lot. They are party people; they love to dance and sing. They will help you and assist you for anything you need. You are going to love them.

Do you see? You can plan more than one trip to Latin America. It is so close and affordable to try. I promise you won't regret it.

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