Do we seek God or answers?

Are You Seeking The Answer To Your Prayers Over God?

Because I did and it made me miserable.


Choices are always important, especially for Christians. Prayers are also important, but so is how we seek the answers to them.

I was reading Am I Enough by Grace Valentine and the part where she discussed the choices she made stood out to me. She did not run from her problems or blame others for her decision to respond in the way she did. I then realized there have been a lot of my personal choices I have blamed on others. The most recent is my choice to seek an answer to my prayer over God Himself.

I began to realize I turned to God when I was in "need" of help. (Sometimes I would mistakenly classify wants as needs. I wanted xyz to happen or I messed up and need bailing out again. It was often more of a desire even when I did not realize it.) I did not intentionally seek the answer I wanted over God. I have attended and taught enough Sunday School to know better than to use God as a magical wish granter. Yet, here I stood doing just that but with "good intentions." My intentions were not to use prayer for what I wanted. My intentions were to stay afloat, to pass that test, to survive a situation I caused and to get through the day.

The truth is I was seeking the answer and not the how and why. I was not truly gaining anything. I was not gaining a relationship with God. I was not learning from my experiences. I was simply seeking a short term fix because "good Christians pray when they need something."

I am not trying to say prayer is a bad thing, because it is not! It is an amazingly powerful tool that God has given us. But the thing is God gave it to us. It is like your parents giving a child a bicycle. The child enjoys the bicycle, uses it daily, uses it the way they were taught and enjoys where it takes them. Then the child begins to love the bike and sees the bike as the answer. Does the child want to go to their neighbors? The bike is the answer. Does the child want fun? The bike again. The child is bored? You guessed it, the bike. But the thing is, the bike is the vehicle but the parents are the true source of their safety and happiness. If the bike chain breaks who will fix it? Mom and Dad. If the child falls and hurts his knee? Mom and dad to the rescue. Who should the child turn to the bike or the parents? The parents.

I was like a child and the bike. My focus became on prayer and the answers that would "fix" my life. My focus left God and I became fixated on something else. I was stopped seeking the God who gives the answers and sought after quick fixes. It left me in a state where I was constantly patching things up and praying for quick fixes, all while feeling a distance between God and I. It was not a happy time. I realize that it could have been avoided had I just sought the true source of my happiness, peace, and comfort.

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On June 22nd I Celebrated My 22nd

*Insert cliche Taylor Swift song "22"*


It's about time I turn 22. I've been told that after your 21st birthday, the years begin to fly past you in a blur. I don't know if I agree, but I can definitely say that I don't feel 22. Sometimes I look around at all the people who are freshmen in college, or juniors in high school, and I begin to reminisce about when I was their age. One thing getting older does do is make you a skeptical, cynical person.

I've thought a lot about my birthday as another day that I get to eat cake because let's face it, I'm not really here for anything else, except maybe a shot. I remember celebrating my birthday when I was younger was much different from what it turned into after I turned 20. Back in the day, I would celebrate my birthday with a pool party. Pizza, chips, cake, and soda. A few balloons and candles and that was it. I'd only invite my closest friends and we'd have so much fun.

I miss that kind of birthday. The kind you pick out an outfit for days prior, the kind you get so excited for and can't sleep, the kind that makes you feel special. It doesn't feel like that anymore. What it feels like now is, "welp, there goes another year." This line is also applicable to New Year's Eve, but we'll cross that bridge six months from now.

My birthday is pretty uneventful. It feels like the spark is gone, the excitement is gone. I wish I could feel happy that I'm turning 22, but I also know that it's just a reality that we all get older and things like birthdays begin to feel strange. You're faced to realize that you're supposed to have gained another year of experience and intelligence in the aspects of life, but it's almost like you feel the same.

It's safe to say that this has been a bit of an existential-crisis-themed birthday, but I'm just a little scared of getting older. I think we all reach a point where you realize you aren't invincible anymore. It's time to see what's in store for the future, what your career goals are, where you plan to move to after graduation, how to eat better, and how to feel like you've reached your full potential. It's a bittersweet moment in my life, but I'm ready to see what's next.

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6 Things I Wish I Knew Before Studying Abroad

YES, it is worth it!

Do not get discouraged, you will get your amazing photos, but just make your study abroad more about the trip and education, rather than your socials.


When you decide you want to study abroad everyone will start discussing the payment plan for your adventure and, let me tell you that there is a good reason for the never-ending money talk. Studying Abroad is expensive and colleges will make sure you pay for every little step that will be made throughout your time abroad. I suggest savings, scholarships, or loans to help cushion your financial fall. Besides the amount of money it takes to travel abroad (my Maymester to Paris was an average of $3,000 + spending), I was educated on currency and exchange rates. Of course, the currency is different in about every country, and so are the exchange rates that will be charged every time you purchase something abroad. This exchange rate will be a 2-8 percent tax added to every debit/credit card purchase made while you are studying abroad. For example, if you bought a five-euro Coke (YES, their Cokes are five euros), then it would convert into about 7 US Dollars, then an added 2% tax, would make your coke around 7.14 US Dollars. However, they do not charge for cash exchanges at booths you will see all over the city or tax. However, the luxury tax is real and if you are planning on buying the $500-2,000 luxury item to carry home with you, there will be a higher tax on that item that you can get refunded back to you at the airport when headed home. I like to think of myself as a girl with financial wits, however, when it comes to studying abroad, my philosophy was "experiences are an investment that will always be worth it".


Yes, I went into my study abroad not knowing everyone that would be attending the same one. However, I made friends fairly quickly and my experience became a whole lot more enjoyable. If you are worried about not making friends during your study abroad, I have full faith that you will, because no ordinary, boring soul chooses to do a study abroad. Also, if your study abroad is for a semester, then do not be scared to reach out when you are feeling lonely. I suggest making a phone plan so that you can talk to your friends and family back home, it will make everything so much easier. I struggle with anxiety, so being able to talk to my mom 5,000 miles away, was something that brought comfort to my mind.


If you are expecting a Hollywood movie, Lizzie McGuire study abroad trip...ERASE that from your mind. Go into your study abroad with no high expectations, because yes, the cities are endlessly gorgeous and a never-ending feeling of history and life that you see in all of the movies. However, it isn't as magical as you make it out in your head to be. The pictures you see online, probably took all day to make happen, because you are not the only one trying to snatch those likable Instagram pictures. Do not get discouraged, you will get your amazing photos, but just make your study abroad more about the trip and education, rather than your socials.


I think a lot of people try to avoid being seen as a tourist, especially when traveling to Europe. However, the French and others know that you are a tourist. There is just no denying it, no matter how good you look in a beret. So, wear what is going to make your trip and days better. A lot of girls/guys on my study abroad dressed business casual, and others dressed in athleisure, either way, the locals knew they were a tourist. If you're studying abroad for a whole semester, your style will probably adapt to where you are, and the friends you make as well.

FYI, all Europeans dress like they just walked out of a fashion magazine, which defiantly encouraged me to dress better when getting ready for the day.


Yes, pickpocketing is real and not just something people write articles about because they want you to be over-aware. You really do need to be overly aware, there are tons of people panhandling in other countries to try and get money from the tourist that had enough money to travel there. Only one out of the forty students I went with, unfortunately, got pick-pocketed while eating lunch, when her purse was on the floor. So, clutch your bag and sit anywhere with your belongings between your legs.


America, hands down, has the best food. I was basically running to the Chick Fil A when my flight touched US soil. Therefore, our clothing sizes are different. When you are searching for the perfect item to take back home with you after this memorable experience, remember that America is a pretty obese nation compared to the others, and when they say it is an extra-large sweatshirt, it is probably medium or large. So, even if it makes you feel so much bigger than you actually are, go up a few sizes if you want it to be an oversized fit, and make it a size up if you want it to fit true.


Make your study abroad memorable, go out and have fun, do not be afraid to try new things, talk to new people, and love the life you are living while studying. YES, take lots and lots of pictures, however, do not forget to set your camera down and just be there, be all there. No matter where the plane is taking you when you head out, you will enjoy this moment, so make the most out of it.

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