What has society become? It seems as if we have become too sensitive and easily offended. Recently, everyone has become so politically correct that it has begun to affect us in a negative way. People can no longer freely joke around without somebody feeling offended about what they say. The world isn't a walk in the park. Your feelings are going to be hurt and that's that. "PC," (politically correct), has become the motto and it's making us weaker.

According to social media, everyone is a "bigot" for stating their own opinions. We live in a society where we must walk on egg shells in fear of being censored because we are not "politically correct." Guess what? The world itself is not politically correct. There's terrorism that haunts our streets and our minds. Politicians can't speak freely in fear that some people will say that they're not acting politically correct. Quite frankly, who cares if we are politically correct or not? Nobody can take a joke anymore. This isn't what society is supposed to be. Equality is the key to having a successful society. However, we take it overboard. We don't operate as we used to. If you take a look around, you'd see that the world is changing and people are changing too. People have began to limit their words in fear of being banned because they hurt somebody else's feelings.

Obviously, I'm not saying it's OK to deliberately offend somebody in a cruel way. But, what I'm saying is that people need to lighten up and learn to take a joke. You can no longer go on Facebook without seeing somebody complain that their feelings are hurt because of what is being shared. Furthermore, once we enter the working world, nobody is going to care if our feelings are hurt. We need to stop being so sensitive to everything that is said. The reality is that the world isn't pretty all of the time and our words aren't either. Sometimes, the things that need to be said are the furthest thing away from politically correct statements. When will we wake up and see that this is making us weaker?

As "South Park" has stated, "the world isn't one big liberal arts college campus the reality is just the opposite." Everyday, I wake up and wonder what people are going to be offended by. Social justice warriors are all over social media making this problem much worse. The reality is that they don't care about who is being offended. All they want is people to like and share what they say. When did it become bad to make a joke? Around the same time society began to dig to deeper into what is being said. Our words are going to offend somebody and that is okay. We don't live in a perfect world, so we must stop pretending that we do. We can not operate in fear of who we are going to hurt with our words.

Society has began to censor itself to a point where everyone is portraying a fake persona. So, next time you are pondering stating your opinion on things, remember that your opinion is valid and it doesn't matter if it is PC or not. It doesn't matter if somebody is going to be offended. Equality is great, and so is freedom of speech. People are not bigots for stating their own opinions. It does not make you racist to make a joke based on stereotypes. This is all harmless but we make it harmful by going around and making sure everyone and everything is politically correct. Our words matter and it doesn't matter who gets offended. If something needs to be said then it should be said. I hope we all start this New Year off with this in mind. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Wait, did I just offend somebody by saying Merry Christmas?... I couldn't care less.