Well, it’s officially summer time and all I can think about is, is it a good or bad thing. The passed month has been extremely stressful for me. With school, work, and my personal life constantly demanding my attention, I feel emotionally torn. Everyone keeps asking me how excited I am for summer. I smile and say oh yes, I’m excited, however, that is not the case at all. I am a thinker and because of that I over think. As of right now, I cannot stand the looks of summer. Questions upon questions pop into my mind. Like will I do anything fun? Will I be able to rest? How will I prepare for the upcoming year? How many jobs will I need to get this summer to achieve the necessary financial status I need to attain for the upcoming months/year(s). These questions seem to just plague my every thought of summer. Everyone seems to adore summer, but for me it just adds stress. People tell me all the time that I stress over things people my age don’t stress about. That I should leg go of those worries because they are further along in my life. However, I have been brought up to always be cautious of my choices because they effect my future. Maybe I took it too much to heart, but either way I can’t stop worrying about these things. I’ve always joked around saying that I’m a 35 year old women stuck in a 20 year olds body. Being 20 has it’s benefits don’t get me wrong, but trying to relax and have fun like normal 20 year olds is awfully taxing on me. Summer for me just brings out all my fears for my life. I want to be able to have fun, but I just do not know how feasible that is. I cannot seem to handle the stress of everything and summer only amplifies it. I’m usually stuck working or staying at home trying to get things accomplished. This is very hard for me to understand and deal with. So if I were to answer the question of am I excited for summer truthfully, It would be no. I am not excited for summer because of how much I overthink things. So if you are like me and summer stresses you out, try not to worry coming from a girl who worries about it constantly. Your are not alone, and I challenge you to do something I struggle with, which is lay down your concerns and worries and remember to try and have some fun.