9 Ways To Know You're An 'Extroverted' Introvert
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9 Ways To Know You're An 'Extroverted' Introvert

I thought it was pretty funny to think about all the "weird" stuff I do in social environments.

9 Ways To Know You're An 'Extroverted' Introvert
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As an "extrovert" introvert, I like to be around people, but not all the time. I prefer to sit back and observe conversations, rather than be apart of them. I can go days without talking to anyone, but at the end of the day, I like to be around people, even if I'm not participating in a conversation. This may be you, or this may be one of your friends. Either way, I thought it was pretty funny to think about all the "weird" stuff I do in social environments.

1. I always have a book on me.

No matter what, I always have a book with me. Whether it be a hard copy or on my phone, if I don't want to talk or I get into a social situation that I don't really care to be in (i.e. my mom running into a friend at a store), I'll whip out a book or my phone and read until it's over.

2. My phone always needs to be charged.

Same as above. If I don't feel like reading, I'll go on Twitter or Instagram for a few minutes. I always have a charger with me, too, just in case!

3. I (generally) always have my headphones with me.

And generally, I only have one headphone in. That way, I can still observe everything around me and take part in a conversation if I want to, but people see it and know I'm 'busy'.

4. I always have an excuse to get out of social situations.

My go-to's are that "I'm sick," "I'm tired from work," "I have to study," or "I have something to do early in the morning."

5. I hate phone calls.

I'll let people go to my voicemail and not return a call for days at a time. Yes, even the important phone calls. It's as horrible as it sounds.

6. I'm awkwardly good at Solitaire.

I spend way too much time at parties and in other places playing the card game on my phone. Whoops.

7. I can go days alone, but eventually, I'll need some human contact to get my energy back up.

Most times, I can go days without talking to someone after being at a social function or work. But every now and then, I'll need some form of socialization.

8. I'll dread going to plans I've made.

But, then I'll end up having a good time and wonder why I dreaded going out in the first place.

9. I'm the "quiet" one of my friend group.

I'm one of the quieter friends unless you really (and I mean really) know me.

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