I've written very much about Christmas and various other holiday's that I love over the months that I have been here. I'm also well aware that the people in my family and most of the people that know me are probably incredibly annoyed that I keep writing about these things. I have a brand, people! A brand! And when in doubt, I can always think about something Christmas or holiday related to write about even when there is nothing else going on. So, please leave me alone, if you feel like you would like to attack me on the amount of Christmas related things I write about.

Now that I've gotten that one out, I am going to move into my conversation about Hallmark Channel movies. I love them. So much. I understand that they are slightly terrible and have the same three storylines that can happen at any times, but they're just nice to watch. They're all light and fluffy and happy and sometimes happy is good. They're all just cute. Why can I not like cute things? I deserve the cute things. The cute things are lovely, especially around Christmas when the happy things are necessary.

Why would I not want to watch a movie like Christmas At Graceland, which starts Kellie Pickler, is literally about Christmas at Graceland, the home of Elvis Pressley, and is premiering on November 17th at 8pm/7c on the Hallmark Channel? Or maybe a movie about either a Christmas wedding being planned, an inn in a small town during Christmas, or about something more serious than that because there are TWO HALLMARK CHANNELS. One is devoted to the fluffy ones that I love, and another one where there is more drama! Two channels, everyone. There is something for everybody.

C . W. Johnson, Jr. on Instagram: “So begins that time of year again. #Christmas2018 #ChristmasMovies #hallmarkchristmasmovies #hallmark #hallmarkmovies”

Hallmark Movies are a quintessential part of the Christmas season, if not, there would not be 400 of them for me to watch and other people would not be watching them too. I am vindicated in my love of these movies. They make me happy. I know they are dumb, but they are nice and everyone ends up happy, and everyone ends up in love! Why can't I watch the happy Christmas movies without judgment from the masses?

It doesn't matter. I am going to watch all of these movies anyway, and I will enjoy them.