We're there...well, almost there. It's a couple weeks away from finals and the motivation has been declining slowly. Finals are not upon us just yet but we are in that limbo time when the end of the semester seems to be just out of reach. We're all in this together and there's just some things we are all thinking about.

1. How many days it is until summer.

I made my countdown on my phone the other day and it is just under a month. My flight home is booked, I'm counting the classes I have left of my least favorite class, and I am so ready for sunshine and swimsuits.

2. How much would my grade drop if I give up on this paper?

Seriously...would it be THAT bad?

3. Is it bad if I don't go to class today?

We're almost done anyway...

4. I can't believe I've spent a whole year here.

As a freshman, this is crazy to realize my first year of college is almost officially over.

5. I have so much to do but will definitely put it off to later.

It's prime season for procrastination!!

6. How many days is it until summer now?

Every day we need an update to keep us going.

I can almost feel the sun on my face and that feeling of no homework. Wooooo summer here we come!