All About The Frat Vest

Lately, I've been paying attention to fashion trends across the college world, and I'd like to talk about Patagonia and Northface. Is there any difference between these two brands? What distinguishes an item as "Patagonia" and what about "Northface"? I am intrigued by this subject as people seem to like one more than the other, but why?

So these brands basically have the same price points, look and style. They attract the same crowd, but what really intrigues me more than this difference is the fact that the vest is a thing.

What draws people to the vest? It is a staple in the fraternity world. Alas, young college kids all across the south wear this and claim it to be "frat". Patagonia and Northface both sell the vest and it is seemingly the popular, notorious clothing article on some campuses. I have a few problems with the vest.

How does one keep warm?

Okay, I'm pretty sure we can all agree Northface and Patagonia jackets are hella warm and comfortable. Is the vest really that comfortable? I would have to disagree. There's no sleeves so what about your arms? Is it really that warm or are you lying to yourself? Sure you may look "fashionable" if you're a 19-year-old fraternity boy trying to adjust to this new life, but... I highly doubt it's that warm. Stop lying to yourself. Not only is the vest not really that warm, but I'm pretty sure we can compare the price points to the great Northface or Patagonia jackets. Okay, if you have money to spend, by all means, go for the vest if you feel that strongly about its fashion quality. But I do think the jacket is a better deal for a not much higher price. Right?

We get it, you're in a frat.

Yep, I am calling out the frat stars (I just don't get this). And the worst thing of this all...The absolute worst thing to come out of this trend is that people are wearing the vest with shorts.

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