Apps To Watch: Feeling 'Flippy' Out

Apps To Watch: Feeling 'Flippy' Out

An up and coming lip-synching app that connects you to the world!


Star in a Famous Clip with Flippy

Flippy is an interactive new FREE app that allows it's users to record video of themselves lip-syncing to a host of different tunes. Flippy is an app designed and developed by Meograph, the company known for the viral app Trio and allows anyone to make hilarious clips that entertain their friends and that opens a host of new ones from all over the world..

Flippy has mastered the art of remixing pop media with an easy-to-use app that streamlines the process of making personalized mashup videos that let you star in a famous clip. It gives you the opportunity to like and share these hilarious clips with your friends and family in a fun message, or on the social media channels you use the most.

How to Use It

I had a first hand experience of Flippy, exploring through the Discover page and sorting through the different types of Flip templates on the app. For me, the Beyonce "Formation" video was an obvious immediate first choice for a personal trial run.

Lipsyncing the infamous first lines, "Y'all haters corny with that illuminati mess, I'm so wreckless when I rock my Givenchy dress," I slayed with a custom graphic of Beyonce's body replaced with a selfie ready cut-out of my face.

Perched on a New Orleans Police Department squad car in the middle of a flood, a series of other clips from the controversial video from the singers latest album, Lemonade, continued in sequence as Formation played in the background. I showed off my skills doing a practice run followed by a full fledged lip sync performance with a tap of the screen.

The Ultimate Share-ability

Flippy, in only ten seconds, allows you to create a hilarious World Tour worthy "Flip" that you are ready to share with your friends via Text Message, Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, and FB Messenger. Whatever social media channel keeps your followers engaged, Flippy offers you ultimate share-ability with the option to save your video to your camera roll and share across other platforms.

With the opt-in push notification, stay up-to-date when new content is being added; the current library boasts hundreds of customizable videos and pop media from clips of music videos, to scenes from some of the most hilarious television shows, movies, and viral videos.

Squad Goals

The latest update to Flippy included the new and improved Flip Squad, a feature that allows you to star in videos with users around the world. With a swipe to the right you are able to join a flip with folks in one of the 120 countries that Flippy is available on. Simply choose to skip or join a flip and lipsync and connect!

Choose to connect directly with your friends via their Flippy account and join in one of the hundreds of Flips made for two. With such a diverse range of content, Flippy aims to keep you entertained. Meet somebody fun? Add and connect to join the global Flip community.

Flippy is a fun up-and-coming app that is sure to add life to your dashboard and timelines. Interested in trying it out for yourself? Download the app on iTunes here and show of your skills and star in a famous clip!

Check out the example below:

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