According to, 73 percent of teens have access to smartphones. The truth of the matter is that in today's society almost all teenagers have access to some sort of phone applications. Both Apple and Android have created and sold thousands upon thousands of apps that help with managing time and money and help students stay fit. So quit spending hours upon hours taking pictures of your cereal bowl, tweeting about "The Bachelor" and excessively using the puppy-dog filter on Snapchat and let’s discover five types of apps that will help you stay focused, fit and fiscally above average.

1. Social

Social media apps are staples in the lives of most students. From Instagram and Twitter to LinkedIn and Pinterest, who knew that social media apps could be useful for your college studies? Some of my favorite social media apps are Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn. Both Pinterest and YouTube have tons of information regarding beginning college, study tips, and tricks and quick lessons and explanations of topics. Not to mention, these apps also hold tons of information on rushing for sororities, amazing internship and externship opportunities, and how to get your dream job. LinkedIn is also an amazing website and app that allows people of all ages to expand their networks.

2. Fitness/Health

If you are trying to avoid your freshman fifteen or maybe even your sophomore sixty, I highly recommend downloading MyFitnessPal and Plant Nanny. MyFitnessPal is an app that allows the user to log their food intake and exercise and track your progress to reach your goals. Plant Nanny is an interactive app that tracks your water intake by showing you watering a plant as you drink water. These apps will help you become more aware of the calories and water you are consuming in hopes to drive you to a healthy, active lifestyle.

3. Banking

The number one complaint I hear from students is that they are always broke and 99 percent of the time they have no clue how much money is in their bank accounts. I believe it is necessary to have some sort of banking app on your phone. A highly recommended banking and finance app is called Mint. Mint brags in their ads that they will “manage your money, pay your bills and track your credit score” all in a personalized, easy, user-friendly way. You also should check with your bank to see if they have an app or website where you can do online banking.

4. Organization

If I have learned anything in school it is that organization is key to staying stress-free and staying on top of tasks. As a blogger, full-time student, part-time employee and avid volunteer, organization has been essential for staying on task. Google has so many amazing apps that I can’t even begin to explain how awesome they are. Some of my favorite Google apps are Google Docs, Google Drive and Google Calendar. These interface with your email and will help you stay on task and will allow you to access them on any device. is another amazing app that lists your tasks for that day. This is a great replacement for the bulk scheduler or agenda you’ve been carrying around for years.

5. Priority

If you spend your school-study time scrolling through all of your apps, you may want to look into downloading an app that will block your social media apps. Break Free and Self Control are two highly recommended apps that will prevent you from accessing certain apps while you are studying. Break-free will even log the amount of time you are on apps and will notify you if you have been off-task for too long. Another option is to contact your cell-phone provider and ask them to remove your ability to text after a certain time or during a specific time block.