Now that the Thanksgiving feasts are over, we're all slowly getting back into the swing of things. We'd better do it fast, though, because finals are just around the corner.

Who better than the crew from The Office to explain exactly how we're feeling?

First, you check your bank account after a semester of take out

You think about where all your money went, and decide to cut back on the party funds. Listening to everyone out and about at night now pains you.

You head to your class, exhausted, and your professor decides now is the time to assign a huge project.

And remember the one assigned weeks ago that's due in two days.

You *somehow* finish it–with minutes to spare

You realize your final is 40 percent of your grade

And your professor says there's no cheat sheet allowed

After considering dropping out, you realize you're in too deep.

Besides, if you don't get yourself in gear, you know who isn't going to let you live it down.

You head to your professors office, with your heart on your sleeve, begging for mercy and extra credit. Sadly, he has no sympathy.

After listening to a short lecture about his disappointment in the way students act now, he leaves you heartbroken to head off to "more important things"

Now you're left alone, with your books, preparing for what surely will be the end of you.

Godspeed, everyone. Godspeed.