An Appreciation Post for Some of My Favorite Under Appreciated Disney Movie Characters

An Appreciation Post for Some of My Favorite Under Appreciated Disney Movie Characters

Because everybody deserves some love, right?

Doctor Disney

So we all love our Disney right? Of course we do! There are so many good movies out there that we love, and were such a huge part of our childhood. I thought about how much we love the characters, and we often get such a good laugh out of those who have smaller roles in the movies. If you love Disney movies as much as I do, you get a laugh from every little part in all of the movies! So this is an appreciation post for a some of my favorite under appreciated Disney movie characters!


He's cute, he's funny, and he's Rapunzel's ultimate sidekick! He knows how to try and keep her safe! (and he takes her dress-up nonsense from time to time)


Abu is Aladdin's main monkey. He helps him on his missions in the marketplace, and you can definitely relate to his grumpy/jealous side.

3. Cricket and Mushu

This dynamic duo was with Mulan the entire time she was saving China! Cricket actually did end up being lucky, and Mushu's advice was helpful (well, sometimes!).

4. Sadness

Sadness is that emotion we all tend to get mad at and want to ignore, and that's kind of what happened in Inside Out until we all realized how important it was. Also I'm sure on some days we can all relate to Sadness on a personal level, and really feel too sad to walk.

5. Hamish, Hubert, and Harris

For not talking throughout the movie, these redheaded little brothers of Merida in Brave bring quite a bit of humor to the movie! Also, they make adorable little bear cubs!


Pegasus has been with Hercules ever since he was born, and he is definitely a trusty sidekick. He helps defeat all of the mythological monsters that Hades throws their way!

7. Meeko and Flit

These two are the two animals who protect Pocahontas and are always at her side! I think we could all also occasionally relate to Meeko's tendency to eat too much, too often.

8. Terk and Tantor

Terk and Tantor are Tarzan's best friends, and they have that love/hate relationship that we all have with at least one person in our lives. But it's mostly love here!

9. Kronk

Ahhh, Kronk. He's Yzma's slave, Kuzco's entertainment, and the one we really get the most laughs out of in The Emperor's New Groove! Who wouldn't love someone who makes up their own theme music?

10. Kevin

Let's be honest, we've all got to love Kevin the bird! And we know that our favorite and most quotable line in all of Up was when Russell yelled "KEVIN'S A GIRL?!" when her little baby Kevin's hatched and we were just as surprised as he was. She's definitely a colorful bird to be loved!

We all have our appreciation for the main guys in our favorite Disney movies, and if I really wanted to appreciate all of the underdogs, the list would go on and on! So here's ten of my favorites! I hope they are more appreciated now! Because we love every part of Disney movies!

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