Appreciating The Old

I've always been an old soul and have always seen things in a different way than my friends. I've never been on the same page as the rest of my generation. I was raised in a good country home and my momma made sure I knew that no one was better than me nor was I better than them. I have humble beginnings, which I am thankful for. I'm lucky enough to have my humble beginnings, though some are not. My upbringing is what has made me stand out from the rest of the group because of how I see things. I find beauty in the eye color of my grandma. I look for the meaning behind why pineapples signify welcome in a home. I would rather go antique shopping and rummaging through old records than buy a cheaply made designer shirt for $200. I have the same love and respect for someone of lower income that I have for someone of higher income. My heart breaks to see children suffer and endure hardship in their home life. I live by the idea that I want to make everybody feel like a somebody. I believe in traditions and morals. I think that our society could use more of this respect. I have appreciation for the folks who lived and created American history. And, sadly, those are the folks whose health is now deteriorating and I'm the one who is buying their old records.

I'm completely amazed by the lives of our older generations, with all they've seen and done. In their lives they experienced more hardship than our younger generations, including myself, will ever know. It breaks my heart to see some of our countries greatest war veterans in nursing homes ill and their minds slowly fading. I've watched the minds of some be completely lost, but the minute a gospel hymn is played, they know every word and who they are singing about. These folks know Jesus even though their minds are far from whole. This particular thing amazes me and I know that is only possible through Christ. I tear up every time I experience this.

So, today I was volunteering at my local nursing home this evening and was accompanied by some of the worlds greatest treasures. The event calendar said that it was "Resident Birthday Celebration" but a turn of events happened and there was a singer that came in instead. As they wheeled in a few people who wanted to attend the singing, the party started hopping. There was everything from Jerry Lee Lewis played to Merle Haggard to gospel hymns. It was a great evening spent with these folks. I honestly expected to be the blessing to those folks, but they were a bigger blessing to me.

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