Appreciate Your Little Things
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Appreciate Your Little Things

Celebrate your little things, no matter how small.

Appreciate Your Little Things

On days where I'm feeling down, feeling myself, feeling happy, feeling angry, or maybe even in my feelings, there are so many small things that just make my day. It's always said to appreciate the small stuff, and lately I've truly been noticing how important this is, to notice and appreciate the little things around you and about you. Everything, I've truly noticed in my life recently that warrants celebration, appreciation, love, and so much more.

When I make my toast for breakfast and it ends up perfectly toasted.

What a nerd I am about The Golden Girls - but come on, who doesn't love Betty White?

How I laugh at my own jokes, even when they're maybe not that funny.

My very cheesy dance moves, especially in the car - my mom loves these too, right mom?

Listening to the same song 67 times in a row if you want to.

OR watching the same movie multiple times in a row as well - because if I want to watch Moana for the 8th time today, I'm doin' it.

The mini dance party you have when you're really vibing to a song.

Looking at yourself in the mirror and calling yourself a hobo if you really want to - don't we all feel like hobo's somedays?

(Yes, even this.) Feeling personally attacked by the "screen time" feature on the iPhone update - sure Apple maybe I was on my phone for 11 hours total today, but let's keep it on the low, mmk?

When your motivation app pops up and reminds you that you're a queen and to not let your crown fall.

Going through your selfies to just hype yourself up and remind yourself how cute you think you are.

Talking to those who make you happy and positively influence your life.

Watching your 14th video in a row when having gone down the YouTube rabbit hole and not regretting a single moment - yeah I'm watching a cat circus....your point is?

Listening to that sad song you like that makes you sad even when you're in a good mood.

When your makeup turns out just right, even when you didn't do anything different than you do every other day that you put it on.

Putting on that favorite shirt for the 3rd day this week, because you just love how you look in it.

The moment where your cat is nice for a few minutes in the midst of being a jerk 98% of the time.

Taking off your shoes after a long day of school, work, or whatever you've got going on.

Giving someone a compliment because they just look like they need to be told what a cute human they are or that their shoes are the best things you've ever seen.

Stopping an extra time in front of the mirror because you're really loving how you look today.

I could honestly go on for days about the little things for me personally that are always little victories and things I love or whatever they may be, even if they're annoyances. All of these little things make life how it is and without them, it wouldn't be on the journey to whatever you're trying to find, achieve, etc. Celebrate your little things, no matter how little, and realize just how important they all are to making you who you are.

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