Things you appreciate more as you get older
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There are certain things in life that you take for granted when you're a kid. There are so many times that you'll roll your eyes at your parents when they say something like "That'll change when you get old" or "you say that now but just wait", and it's pretty funny because when you are older and look back, you'll realize that they were so incredibly right.

1. Not Working

When you're little and you see your parents working so much and you dream about having a job and growing up, it's because you think grown ups get to make all of their own decisions and do what they want. Truth is, when you are a working adult and you need that income to pay the bills, you long for those days as a kid where you were free to do whatever you want.

2. Not Having Anything To Do

When you're a kid, you always get so bored when there's nothing to do, but when you're an adult... You. Love. It. You can take a bath, read a book, binge watch your favorite TV show, or basically do whatever. As a grown up when there's nothing to do, you catch up on things you've been meaning to do or you get to do nothing, and it's awesome. And to take it even further...

3. Cancelled Plans

As a kid, cancelled plans mean disappointment and missing out on something cool. As an adult, it means getting to put on sweats and eat junk or sleep or do whatever you really want (see number 2 why that's so awesome). There is sometimes no better feeling than getting a text or phone call that cancels plans, especially on a week night.

4. Your Family

They drive you crazy as a kid and you can't wait to leave your house and get your own place. They still drive you crazy as an adult, but it's an endearing crazy that makes you miss being a kid with them. You love them and appreciate them so much more as you get older.

5. Sleeping

Even if you were a kid who loved to sleep in and take naps, those times are so much more valuable to you as an adult. When you get older, you don't have to have a midday nap like you did when you were in college or after school before college. Sleep is golden and I promise that the older you get, the more you value it. Make sure to take advantage of it when you're in a situation that you can.

6. Sweets

This one drives me nuts but it's so true. As you get older, you cut back on things like sweets because they're not good for you. It's crazy, but as people age, they naturally look to eat healthier, even the people who aren't necessarily "health nuts" because you know you're getting older and might not digest those sweets like you used to. It's a beautiful thing not caring what you eat, but regardless, those sweets will only get sweeter as you age.

7. Chores

This one might sound weird, but when you're a kid, you hate chores. They suck. And as an adult, they still stick, but you appreciate them so much more. Honestly, you feel so much more accomplished when you're older and you've done all of your laundry or cleaned your house. It's crazy to think the things your parents forced you to do when you were younger, actually give you some pride now once accomplished, but they do.

8. Vacations

As a kid, you loved going away because it was cool and fun. As an adult, a vacation is so much more appreciated because for some reason, you always feel like you worked for it and you deserve it. There's something so much better about knowing you're putting up an out of office email and you're taking time off to relax, party, adventure, whatever or wherever it may be. It's so much better when you get older.

At the end of the day, you look back and think to yourself, "I really didn't appreciate that as a kid", but the best is knowing that you do appreciate it now.

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