You have done so much for us. You give us food, air, light. You give us the trees that help us breathe. You give us the dirt that helps our fruit and vegetables grow. We wake up to your sunlight. But when it rains, it is because you are watering our plants.

Lately, you have been mistreated.

Flower fields are turning into parking lots. Nature walks are turning into garbage dumps.

The beaches we go to? We are trashing them.

The oceans you gave us? We are polluting them.

The air you provide for us? We are intoxicating it.

The nature you grow for us? We are cutting it down.

I am so sorry that we are hurting your creatures. It seems like every day there is another news report of your creations being filled up with plastic. It seems like every day there is another news report saying we have less time to be okay.

Because there is not a lot of time to be okay anymore.

And it's not your fault.

But, we have plenty of other things to worry about, right? But, climate change doesn't exist, right?


I feel like you are going rotten by the minute. As if your green and blue exterior is turning black and brown.

I know it hurts. I know we need to do something about it. I know you need help.

Don't get me wrong, there are people who want to help you. There are people who do the little things to try and support you. But, there also are the people who think their one McDonald's cup on the ground won't affect you.

But it does.

And those are the people who are breaking you down. They are wearing you out.

There is no Planet B. There is only you.

So when we can't have our favorite salads anymore because our produce isn't fresh—who is there to blame? Us.

So when we go to the beach and we constantly find ourselves getting cut up from broken beer bottles in the sand—who is there to blame? Us.

You have done enough.

You do not need to fight it anymore.

It is our turn to help you.

You just need to hang tight.

Because change isn't an option anymore—it's mandatory.

We started the fight and we will finish it.

You are our home. And we will find a way to make you yourself again.

I promise.


A fellow earthling