If You Hate Apartment Hunting, This New Service Will Do It For You
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If You Hate Apartment Hunting, This New Service Will Do It For You

Not to mention the added difficulty of apartment searching amidst all the regulations and safety precautions of Covid-19.

If You Hate Apartment Hunting, This New Service Will Do It For You

We know there are two sides to every move: the excitement of starting an adventure somewhere new and the stress of the arduous process to find that perfect place. Not to mention the added difficulty of apartment searching amidst all the regulations and safety precautions of Covid-19.

But, you won't have to worry any longer! You can sit back and relax while an apartment locator service tracks down your dream apartment for you! Whether you set up an in-person or virtual tour, an apartment locator will ensure that you get to see the best spaces for your needs, all while working around your busy schedule!

What is an apartment locator service?

Well, simply put, it is up-to-date and exclusive apartment information combined with VIP-level customer service. An apartment locator is different from a rental broker. Instead of one person doing all the work, a locator service is a team of hard working people with the expertise required to find the perfect place for you quickly and with zero stress.

The only thing required of you is to tell them what your needs and wants are. You might think that this service is pricey and out of reach, but the cost of this experience is billed to the apartment building you choose and comes at absolutely no cost to you!

What does an apartment locator service do?

Apartment locators know every building in your city, so they have inside information on flash sales, exclusive building knowledge and relationships with leasing staff that can help you score those hard-to-get appointments at in-demand buildings.

Those working relationships paired with a network of information, availability and deals allows a locator service to search a larger number of options with greater precision and detail. So, you can be as picky as you like and know with confidence that you will find it using a locator service.

Whether you are looking for a stylish loft near the local nightlife scene, or an apartment complex with a co-working space in a quieter neighborhood— you'll find it with a locator. The only thing you have to do is explain what you're looking for, review your personalized list and show up to the in-person (or virtual) tours.

Your locator team will use their expertise to sift through a collection of beautiful living spaces until they find a collection of apartments that fits you perfectly.

Once you have approved the list of options, you can sit back while your locator team schedules a full day of tours for you. With new Covid-19 regulations, walk-throughs will more than likely be done virtually, but that won't take away from the experience! Apartment locators have been doing virtual tours for years to help clients that are relocating from another city and cannot physically tour the spaces themselves. Between the local expertise, high-quality videos of individual units, floor plan details, current rental deals and the ability to talk to a real, helpful human: you won't miss a thing.

What are the benefits of using an apartment locator service?

The benefits of using an apartment locator service are too many to count! Finding an apartment is stressful and time-consuming. Most people spend over 30 hours during their apartment search. Working with a locator will save you valuable time and will help you navigate the added rental roadblocks of the current global pandemic. The stress that is traditionally associated with apartment hunting and moving will be completely removed by the support of a full team of experts.

With knowledge of local rent discounts and flash sales, you can also expect to save money when you work with a locator. That luxury apartment you've been eyeing might actually be within your budget after current deals are factored in. Or, you can save some money each month and spend it on more important things.

And, most importantly, working with an apartment locator service will save you the hassle of having to do it alone. You'll have a friend throughout the process, with the added benefit of expert local knowledge! A win - win - win in our books.

What are the cons of using an apartment locator service?

Of course, you should consider all sides of the argument. If you're a spreadsheet fanatic and enjoy being busy and doing things yourself, then having help might be even more stressful for you. Or, if you are looking for a condo or a buy/sell unit, working with a realtor might better suit you. But, if you're looking to find a rental that perfectly matches your preferences with zero stress and no wasted time, locators might be for you.

How to find an apartment locator service near you

We are sure the only question you have left is, "how do I find an apartment locator near me?" Although this service is fairly new to the real estate industry, there are still a number of companies who offer this service, especially in large cities.

If you're looking in the Chicago, Denver, Atlanta or Nashville area, reach out to AptAmigo for your next apartment search. If you're searching for an apartment in Texas, Smart City Locating serves Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio. Or, if you're in Los Angeles, look into The Rental Girl for all your apartment needs!

If you're outside of the cities listed above, try searching for "apartment locating service," clicking on Google's map options and then sorting the results by rating. You'll want to look for a company that has a professional profile, 4.5 stars or higher and at least 100 reviews.

Once you experience this new way of apartment hunting, you'll never go back to doing it yourself again!

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