10 Things About Anxiety Explained By 'The Good Place'
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10 Things About Anxiety Explained By 'The Good Place'

"Janet, could you see what's wrong?" "Everything."

10 Things About Anxiety Explained By 'The Good Place'
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Everyone has their daily anxieties but for some of us, it's much more. Especially as college students and beyond, we have a lot of little, and big, things that can eat away at us. "The Good Place", a show that airs on NBC, is a good way to visualize your anxieties and fears so you can conquer them.

It's also a great way to take your mind off of your anxieties for 30 minutes at a time. Just remember, you're not a failure, you're just pre-successful. Here are a few ways I relate my anxiety to 'The Good Place.'

1. When it feels like your anxiety just won't let you live.

A big realization that I have had when I began to get help is that my anxiety is not my personality, it's an affliction that alters my mood and my perception of my life. When I began to worry and panic, that wasn't me, it's my anxiety. My feelings of hopelessness were just part of my disease. Anxiety can sometimes make you feel like you're cursed to never enjoy your life.

2. When no one understands, and you just want to be left alone.

When I realized I had anxiety, and again when I began to seek treatment there were a lot of people who didn't understand what was going on with me.

My job became ten times harder when I was having anxiety and a lot of people don't understand when I have to pull back. There are days when getting out of bed is the hardest thing I'll do that day. Having to interact with people is draining, and it's only made harder when the people closest to you don't understand why you have to cancel plans, or can't stay focused in conversation.

3. When you're finally able to vocalize how your anxiety makes you feel.

Seeing a counselor for my anxiety is the best thing I have ever done for myself. Not only did they believe all of the things that I was voicing, but they had an explanation for them. There was finally validation of my anxiety! Even better, once I could be truthful about having anxiety we were able to tackle my problems and overcome them.

4. When you start to use coping mechanisms.

Now that you have a counselor, they're going to make a bunch of suggestions to handle your anxiety on the daily. For some people, it's taking those negative thoughts and transforming them into energy. Exercise is a great way to clear your head and to produce endorphins that can level out your mood. Who can have existential crises when they're busy trying to not fall off a treadmill?

5. When you inevitably have a day you aren't sure how you'll survive.

Don't get it twisted, seeking help wasn't the end all of my anxiety. I still live with it every day. I still struggle with speaking out during classes or even just being a functioning human. Even when you're getting treatment, those attacks can still sneak up on you and hit you hard. You're going to have slip ups and bad days, but its all part of treatment. If you can get through this, you can get through anything.

6. When you find someone who is going through the same thing as you.

Having a support system is essential. My friends quickly became my support system and I know they are always there to hear me out when my mind won't stop running. 1 in 4 adults will suffer from an anxiety in their life, so finding someone who understands actually as hard as I thought. Chances are one of your closest friends is going through the same troubles as you.

7. When you feel like something's off, but you can't figure out what it is.

Usually, it's actually nothing at all. But those little thoughts and fears fester easily and can turn into full-blown panic attacks. From as small as "I think I forgot to lock my door, even though I remember to lock it every day," to "If I don't get that job, I don't know how I'm going to live." Being a young adult is already tumultuous, but anxiety just makes it worse. Things that might not bother someone else keeps you up at night. Just remember, it's probably nothing. If you can't change it, then it's not worth your worry.

8. When striving for perfection becomes too much.

A lot of my anxieties are caused by wanting to do everything at the best caliber as possible. I want to get straight A's while also working and participating in extracurriculars. When we overload ourselves we set ourselves up for failure, which triggers anxiety. Perfection isn't possible, and comparison kills. Just ask Tahani. Remember that not getting an A in every class or having to quit groups you don't have time for is totally okay. Saying no for your mental health is better than spreading yourself too thin and failing.

9. When you remember that, hey, it just might not be that serious.

Practicing mindfulness can save you when it comes to circling thoughts. Getting control of your thoughts is the first way to get a control over your anxieties. Take some deep breaths and ask yourself a few questions. Is what is bothering you feasible or reasonable? Is it within the realm of possibility? Can you control it? If the answer to these questions is no, it's not worth the time spent worrying. I know that sounds easier than it actually it is, but with practice, you can try to get control of those anxiety-inducing thoughts.

10. When you make it through another day and finally get to escape to your bed.

Living your life with anxiety makes your day a little bit harder. Simple things to others might be the hardest task to you. Just know that every day you make it through is an accomplishment, and don't let the bad days ruin the good. Every day is a new opportunity, so get to bed. You deserve it.

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