Anvar: The One No One Understood

Meet Anvar:

It's not entirely true that no one understood what this Scottish man was saying, it just took us a while to get used to the accent and the humor and the sarcasm. Even to the end, I needed about five seconds to really process what he was saying, but once I did it was all laughter. This competitive Settlers of Catan player took trading very seriously, and always did his best to make sure Célia never won, though many times she did. He'd always play terrible music at an atrociously high volume, and eat an ungodly amount of oatmeal when he wasn't eating eggs on toast or chili. Yeah, those were his menu options every day.

I'm just picking on him because I love him so much. Underneath the dry, dark comments was just a lad waiting to be hugged.

One of my favorite moments with Anvar was when Max started imitating the way Brandon said his name from across the courtyard. Brandon had a nasal way of yelling "ANVAAAAAAAR" from across the courtyard. No one noticed how nasally it sounded until one day Max started yelling "ANVAAAAAAR" every time Brandon would call him. Eventually, the joke stuck and ANY TIME any one would call Anvar all you could hear was a nasal chorus of voices screaming "ANVAAAAAAR"!! Anyone from Holger that's reading this is doing so in the exact voice we all grew to love.

My second favorite moment was on Anvar's last day. He was hugging everyone goodbye, he went up to Ariane and hugged her and said, "You've got a great voice." Then he came up to me and said, "I have nothing to say." We laughed a little, I had tears building up of course, and we hugged. A few days before he had told me that he actually thought I was funny. In fact, he said, "Ana, you're actually one of the funniest people I've met here." Yeah, a few tears were dropped, mostly and only by me, but I was so honored to have Anvar think that I'm funny. I mean I think I'm funny, but ANVAAAAAR thinks I'm funny! Ugh, best day ever.

I miss so much about Anvar. From the way he blushed when I asked him if he'd been working out (cause #gains) and the way he would call me Latina with a Hispanic accent. I love you so much Anvy!

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