Why Those Anti-Trump Supporter Posters In NYC Are A-OK
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Those Anti-Trump Posters In New York? Triggered Trump Supporters Will Just Need To Get Over Them

You're trying to tell me that Republicans wouldn't do something just to take a shot at Democrats?

Carriage with a Trump poster in it

I'm sure everyone has heard about or seen the anti-Trump supporter posters that were displayed around New York City. The images evoked backlash from some social media users who expressed their disgust for the posters, as some people found them to be offensive.

Personally, I find the posters to be comical.

I am the farthest thing from a political person. I hate having political conversations because it always seems as though people are too stuck in their own beliefs to even see another person's view.

A political conversation that hasn't ended in an argument? Never heard of it, so I just avoid political arguments and conversations altogether.

This is not to say that I do not pay attention to politics because I know what is going on, I just choose to keep my politics mainly to myself. Politics is just an ugly game. Regardless of how I see politics, though, the anti-Trump posters are funny and the people who find them offensive should just get over it.

The posters scattered around NYC represent stereotypes and I definitely can see why that is an issue. On one poster there is an older, white male, wearing a white tank top, with a stereotypical confederate flag tattoo, topped off with a "Make America Great Again" hat and there is a huge red X over the man in the picture.

The words on the poster say "Keep NYC Trash Free," which indicates that those men (Trump supporters) are synonymous with trash.

This, obviously, would strike some people's nerves because the poster is just utilizing the running stereotype that all Trump supporters are white men with that particular type of image. There is another poster that says the same thing but the image is an older white woman, wearing the same hat, but this time holding a Holy Bible.

Therefore, indicating that people who believe in the bible are trash. This also feeds into the stereotype that Trump supporters are those "crazy religious people" who apply concepts in the bible to politics and it just doesn't work.

The one thing I do know about politics is that no party wants to do anything to help an opposing party out in any way. Democrats wouldn't do something to advance Republicans and vice versa.

So, with that being said, you're trying to tell me that Republicans wouldn't do something just to take a shot towards Democrats? The people who created these posters and displayed them around NYC were obviously just expressing their disgust with Republicans, or maybe just Trump supporters.

Either way, those posters got the attention they were made for.

As you're angrily typing your opinion of the posters on social media, just think about whether or not these posters actually affect what happens politically. The anti-Trump posters do not have a direct effect on the results of an election.

No person is going to change their political party or political opinion just because of some anti-Trump posters they saw in New York.

Not to mention, these posters are not the first pieces of propaganda that make a joke out of the "Make America Great Again 'look.'" There are a ton of memes and videos that make fun of politics or a particular party all over the Internet. It's not likely that propaganda actually changes the way a person views politics. The most propaganda does is piss the other party off.

The biggest issue we have in our society today is that everything has to be censored because god forbid someone gets offended. No matter what anyone says or does, it ends up offending somebody or a group of people.

For example, Shaun White was criticized for dressing up as "Simple Jack," a character with special needs in the movie "Tropic Thunder."

Many parents of kids with special needs spoke out about how they found Shaun White's costume to be offensive and disrespectful. However, Shaun's costume was simply that… a costume. It was a costume of a character from a movie, not a costume of a kid with special needs.

The intent behind that costume was not to offend any person that has special needs, nor was it to make fun of people that have special needs. Shaun's costume is no different than any other kid's costume of any TV show or movie character.

The controversial "Simple Jack" costume is just one of the many examples of how this society is just so easily offended. Everything has to be censored and we have to change our actions and our vocabulary to fit another person's expectations just to assure no one gets offended.

So, in a society like this, it makes sense that so many people would get offended by the anti-Trump posters. Obviously, the posters were intended to take shots at Trump supporters. But, either way, no matter what is said or done, it winds up offending someone.

The people that are enraged by the anti-Trump posters just need to get over it.

They're up and the damage is done. The posters are funny and if you are not a person that thinks so, then laugh at the fact that these posters you find so offensive are just doing exactly what they were made to do.

They gained attention and pissed off some Trump supporters. Regardless of my political opinions, I applaud the poster vandals. And to the Trump supporters, it's time you get over it and create more propaganda taking a shot back at the Democrats.

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