I previously wrote an article about how social media was affecting my mental health and how I made the decision to leave social media for the summer. As a followup, I deleted all my Instagram photos and have a plan to re-brand my entire social media presence. For a long time, I've struggled with truly being open and honest will myself. I've gone back to the things that made me happy: hanging out with friends, listening to music, cooking and of course, writing poetry. The following poems express my inner conflicts with social media and reality.

Mirror, mirror on the wall who's the fairest of them all?

I ask this question everyday and I end up with different answers.
Some days I'm confident, and say it's me.
Other days I stare, deep into my own eyes and want to cry.
Most days I glance and don't really care.
But I always end up looking, wondering and asking.
The real question is why do I care so much about my outward appearance.
Am I only as valuable as my reflection?
If I was prettier would life be easier?
If I skinnier would I be more attractive?
If I wore makeup everyday would I love myself?
If I had nicer clothes would i attract more attention?
Is the flick gram worthy?
Honestly it's a f***ing disease
Addiction, socially accepted through media
Likes, comments, views and RTs
Hashtags about brags about securing the bag
But really the only thing we can relate to
Is a post about Insecure
Issa album, actually an anthology about losing
CTRL, and listening to the my girl with the acronym
For some TLC, sometimes reflecting, asking

"Erase Your Social?"

social media

being social made me anti social
flexing for the gram
snapping cause "I'm lit"
tweeting for the mentions
I'm over it
f*** the hashtags, the comments, the RTs
f*** it.
I ended up with three personalities and forgot
who the f*** I actually was
"Should I post now?"
"Am I problematic if I tweet this?"
"How many views will I get?"
I'm logging out.