As much as the fact that he couldn’t even respond to you hurt you, the silence was a response in itself.

It’s funny how the people you feel like you know the best can take a 180 degree turn into a completely different person.

It’s funny how the boy you met the first time, and made jokes with and laughed with, does not exist anymore.

It’s funny how the boy you were comfortable around, the one you could actually be yourself around, turned into someone you were afraid to even text due to the fear that you would inconvenience him.

It’s funny how you actually allowed yourself to be vulnerable.

It’s funny how you can mean so much to him one day, and mean nothing the next.

It’s funny how he begged to be with you, and decided you were not worthy a week later.

It’s funny how one day he wanted to be with you and the next day he was “not ready for anything serious”

And it’s funny how you played the game and acted like that’s never what you wanted anyway.

And as much as you wanted to confront him, as much as you wanted to let him know how much it was and still is killing you inside, you kept it bottled in.

He probably wouldn’t even care anyway.

To him, you were an emotional game.

An ego boost.

“A good time”

He had you wrapped around his finger.

And as much as it sucks.

(It really fucking sucks)

The second he decided you weren’t worth it, he lost you.

Even if you kept going back, chance after chance, emotionally, you would never be on the same level.

Continuous communication turns to read receipts.

Best friends turn to acquaintances.

Pictures turn into painful memories.

You smile.

You say you’re okay, because you will be.

But you aren’t for now, and that’s okay.

Because while this boy broke your heart.

He left it for another one to mend.