The streets glistened with a thin layer of rain, cars kicking up the water and misting us as we strode along the busy street. I was grateful our safe house was so close as the light rain gradually soaked my thin hoodie and I started to shiver.

“Are you cold?” Madi asked, hugging me closer to him. He was always warm, like a heater was built into his body.

“We’re home. It's okay,” I answered, helping to lead him up the short amount of stairs. “Hey Ulia-” I began to say as we crossed into the large condo, but was cut off as the tall, pixie-like woman ran to us and pulled Madi and I into a bone-crushing hug. Typical of her to overreact.

“Where have you been? You went out for milk,” she scolded, leaning back and examining both of our faces. “Gone for two hours? It doesn’t take two hours to walk to the store and get milk!

“Madi saw some Gnarlies. We just took ‘em out, no big deal, Ulia,” I sighed, releasing myself from her tight grip. Madi relished in it, smiling and chuckling as he looked over her head.

“Gnarlies?” She questioned, and I answered with a shrug.

“Yeah, Tilly took ‘em out real easy,” Madi gushed, and I shoved him lightly. He was always trying to help out, keep the area clear, but it was hard for him to tag along despite his gift.

“Next time call me… I’ll send someone out to help,” Ulia answered, causing Madi to sigh.

“We got the milk,” he mumbled, pulling his drawstring bag from off his back and opening it to reveal a gallon of the house’s favorite beverage. Ulia smiled and took it from him, rubbing his arm gratefully. She bounced off toward the kitchen, and I frowned as Madi made his way down the hall, following her. We were severely underestimated, even the others that lived with us at the safe house. Not just by Ulia, who was the head of our league, but by the elders as well.

I dropped my bag at the door, shimmying down the narrow hallway to find the rest of us. As I emerged into the sitting room, the others greeted me with a united, "hello." I smiled slightly, glad to be surrounded with people who were like Madi and I, but constantly longed to escape this small house and be normal for a change. I sometimes loathed my powers, cursing my parents, who I barely remembered, for bringing me into this world and then abandoning me after Madi was born.

I just wanted to be normal.