I rolled my eyes, dropping my katana melodramatically at the sharp tone of my full name. I let the oily cloth I was using to shine it fall as well, turning slowly to face the only person who can push my buttons so easily.

"Ulia," I answered with a sarcastic smile, facing her.

Her face lacked the happy facade she always wore, instead, she looked annoyed. I mimicked her arms crossed over her chest, my smile still strong as she glared at me. "That was very irresponsible of you."

I laughed, my head rolling toward the ceiling as she came into my room and closed the door behind her. Lucky me, being the oldest granted me my own room in the small apartment. "I'm serious," she said sternly, feet in front of me as I sat. "Who do you think you are, taking on Gnarlies alone? That is strictly against the rules."

"I wasn't alone, first of all. Stop acting like my brother isn't a valid person just because he's blind. Second, they were literally right in front of us. I wasn't going to let Madi and me be Gnarlie food just because of some dumb rule," I snarled every word, my eyes narrowing as she tested me. Ulia never liked me; she thought, no she knew I was stronger than her. She favored Madi because he adored her, practically worshipped her.

"I don't care about your excuses Matilda-"

"Please, it's just Tilly. How many times can I tell you that?"

"I don't care about your excuses. I care about the safety of our group and you put yourself and another member at risk. The elders will hear about it," With that, she turned to walk out of my room.

"The elders won't give two squats, Ulia! Remember how many times you've tried to report me and get me kicked out of this group? So run along, tell them your sob story. You poor thing."

She was frozen in her spot, but refused to speak. After a moment, she opened my door and left silently. I sighed heavily, annoyed. I got up, but moments later my door opened again. "Hey Madi," I smiled as my brother wandered in.

"Hey Til," he smiled, moving about my room easily. He sat on the edge of my bed. "Listen... I wanted to talk."