Another addition to the 1D family!
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Another addition to the 1D family!

Can you guess which One Direction member is expecting their first child?

Another addition to the 1D family!

It was just officially announced earlier this week that former band member of One Direction, Liam Payne, is expecting his first kid with Cheryl Tweedy!

Cheryl Tweedy, singer and former band member of one of Great Britain’s most famous bands, Girls Aloud. Girls Aloud surpassed goals and records previously set by the infamous, Spice Girls. She has been previously married, twice before, with soccer player, Ashley Cole from 2006 to 2010, which ended nasty. Cole cheated on Cheryl countless times while the pair were together. Most recently, Cheryl married Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini, who is a French businessman. The two got married in 2014 but ended things just last year. It was during the holidays, around Thanksgiving to be exact when Cheryl and Liam started showing up to events together and then posted adorable pictures with one another on their social media accounts. It was more apparent that the two were expecting sometime after Christmas.

As for Liam, he has also been in two relationships, not married twice before as Cheryl’s been but long enough relationships in which fans became really connected to the pair. His first relationship was with Danielle Peazer, a back-up dancer on the X Factor, where they met back when he was on the famous British show in 2013. The two stayed in a happy relationship for three years. His next relationship was with Sophia Smith, an up-and-coming model. The two were together for 2 and a half years until they suddenly broke up, with her dumping him back in October of 2015.

To give a brief history of when exactly Liam and Cheryl first met, you might want to look back to the X Factor days. If not right now, then I’ll just let you know. Liam Payne auditioned to be on the X Factor back in 2008. After he auditioned, the judges gave their critics. As, Cheryl told young Liam, then 14 years old, that he had “charisma,” Liam shot her a cheeky wink. That was the first time they had ever interacted. Two years later comes along, and Liam is again auditioning to be on the X Factor, luckily for him, Cheryl is the judge again, seeing as he had a small crush on her for some time. He auditioned once more in 2010, which was the year that the boyband was formed, and he passed through to the next round. Then, Cheryl mentioned, “…you've got it. I thought your voice was really, really powerful.'’ Who would have thought that the two would end up with one another, but cut to seven years later, and they’re not just together but expecting a child together!

There is no doubt beyond belief that this child will inherit amazing looks and ungodly wealth. It’s a safe bet that the pair will make a beautiful baby together.

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