Annoying Girlfriend Things Guys Will Just Have To Accept In A Relationship
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5 Annoying Girlfriend Things Guys Will Just Have To Accept In A Relationship

Every girl can relate on these five things.

5 Annoying Girlfriend Things Guys Will Just Have To Accept In A Relationship

Relationships nowadays usually consist of people talking for a bit before someone ghosts the other and moving on to find someone else to talk to. However, when people get in a lasting relationship, there are expectations that come with it.

After being in a relationship for over a year and a half, and having good friends in lasting relationships, here are five rules I've come to realize exist in almost every relationship.

1. He no longer has his own hoodies

Any guy who thinks he has rights to his own hoodies after getting into a serious relationship is in for a rude awakening. Slowly but surely he will notice his hoodies going missing and it won't be until he sees his girlfriend wearing his missing hoodies that it clicks. But no matter how hard he fights, he will never get those hoodies back. It is futile.

2. Any food he gets is shared

It's the classic "I'm not hungry" scenario that every guy knows so well. You guys go to Chick-fil-A, or McDonald's, or wherever, and he asks his girl if she's hungry. She says no. When he orders, he decides to get a large fry because he feels, deep down, that she will steal some. And she does, despite his best efforts. It happens to the best of us.

3. He no longer has ANY clothes of his own

One day he wakes up and while getting ready, realizes that he has no clean clothes. When he looks in the laundry and it suddenly dawns on him — these are the same clothes he's been wearing for weeks. His girlfriend, however, is sleeping soundly in his shirt and shorts, with a drawer filled completely with his clothes. There's no getting them back.

4. His booty is always up for grabs.

Most girls are obsessed with their boyfriend's butt and most guys don't like having their butt touched. Which is more of an incentive for girls? At the store, in the park, in bed, any time and place, a girl can and will grab their boyfriend's booty, despite it annoying them. If you don't annoy your significant other, are y'all really dating?

5. Only 1/4 of the bed is his

No matter how you guys fall asleep, somehow and some way, guys will always get pushed to the edge of the bed. You could fall asleep with her taking up the smallest amount of bed possible and she'll maneuver herself to take up most of the bed without fail. She will also steal the covers. These are truths that the male population must accept.

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