On The Women's March, Remember Women's Power

On The Anniversary Of The Women's March Let's Remember The Power Of Women

I attended the original Women's March in Washington D.C. in 2017 and I've never felt so empowered.


When the news came out that there would be a march centered on women the day after Trump's inauguration, my mom and I knew we had to be there. Our plans morphed into attending with several female friends and family and spending the weekend outside of D.C. I was excited of course and felt powerful simply deciding that we were going to take a stand for what we believed in. Being someone who never shied away from sharing her opinion and someone who felt utterly powerless after the 2016 presidential election, this felt like the perfect action to take to start believing in my country and its political systems again.

On the drive from Connecticut to Washington D.C., nearly every car we passed had something about the women's march or feminism on the windows and most drivers were wearing pussy hats. When we stopped at rest stops, they were filled with women clearly going to D.C. as we were. Every woman I passed hugged me or smiled or asked if I would be attending the march. Experiencing the community of kindness that women create for each other was so comforting and to be supporting something that that many women were so passionate about making the future of America not so dark after all.

In order to get from our hotel to the actual site of the march, we had to take a train. When we got to the train station, the entire track, the inside of the station itself, and the front lawn were covered with women and a whole lot of pink. We waited for hours to finally get on a train and squeezed ourselves on just to be able to stand in between train cars. The estimates of how many women would march that day had been large, but from that moment on it was clear that all predictions were about to be exceeded.

As we left the train station in D.C. women were cheering and screaming immediately. Women were handing out signs on the street and there was a massive crowd of people as far as I could see. During the rest of the day I stood in front of the White House and Capitol Hill, I marched through the city surrounded by the women, I laughed, I cried, and I heard the most amazing stories from women around the country. I was with a friend of mine, we were both 16 at the time when two older women came up to us and asked if it was our first march. We told them it was and they said that they had gone to their first march for women's rights together in high school and hadn't stopped since.

The most amazing part was hearing the news reports of how many women attended and in how many cities on how many continents. The entire world stood up for the half of the human population that is slighted and made to feel lesser than. A friend who attended the march on Saturday sent me a sign of a poster that said "I'm a girl. What's your superpower?". I can truly say that the women I know are as close to superheroes as the world will get, and something like the Women's March is the only way to display the full power of women and their ability to persevere.

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'Unplanned' Is The Movie Of The Year

Abby Johnson's story is real, powerful, and deserves our attention.


A suspended Twitter account, an R rating, and only 1,000 theaters showing it with an expected $3 million in sales. Flash forward to when "Unplanned" started showing...it's doubled in expected sales, beaten records left and right for views and money it's bringing in and is currently ranked #4 in the US. Besides unexpected and outstanding statistics, it's a movie about something new. Something Hollywood has never covered. Something that is raw and truthful, holding nothing back even if it's hard to watch.

Abby Johnson's story is real and powerful. She's seen every single side and hidden corner of the pro-life/pro-choice movement in her own personal life, which makes her the perfect voice for the unborn and unplanned.

You can't hear her story or watch "Unplanned" without relating to at least one part of it.

Is it graphic? Yes. But is it over dramatized? Nope. Everything within the first 30 minutes of "Unplanned" is what happens every hour of every day in America and we call it equal rights for women. Personally, I've always been pro-life. But after leaving that movie, I've never been more pro-women. I was angry watching it. Women are lied to about everything in Planned Parenthood. Women are coerced into killing their own children and then told that it's not even a child yet. These women are scared, hopeless, and looking for an instant solution and Planned Parenthood takes advantage of it and makes money off it. If you're a woman and reading this, why AREN'T you angry yet?

This movie was everything the world needed after New York dropped the ban on late-term abortions. This movie is everything this country needed to see. For once, someone took a risk and threw hard, real, truth out into the world and didn't sweep it under the rug.

Pro-life, pro-choice, whatever you are — this movie is the movie of the year. The only excuse for those who don't go and see it is that they too like to sweep things under the rug.

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It's Time To Start Standing Up For Yourself

A lot of people let others walk all over them but it's time to start standing up for how you feel.


Whenever you've got into a confrontation or fight or anything that even resembles an argument, someone always says be the bigger person. What does that really mean? To some people, it means completely ignoring the whole situation and everyone's emotions and that isn't fair. Or maybe to some people it means letting them scream at you and you apologizing and just taking the blame.

Being the bigger person shouldn't mean these things. It should mean making sure no one is treating you poorly or taking advantage of you. Now maybe don't take it so far to become mean or a bully because that's just awful behavior.

Standing up for yourself is so empowering. If someone close to you is hurting you or taking advantage or anything you don't like, just a simple conversation can keep it from escalating. If you have a friend calling you names, even if it is just a joke, you can say something and not be a buzzkill or jerk. You 100% should feel comfortable and confident no matter who you're with.

So many times in my life I've wanted to save a friendship or relationship so I just ignored or took what other people were doing to me. This even happened and it led to an abusive relationship where I felt stuck and didn't see an out. It was an extremely eye-opening experience that taught me to never let any hurt me.

To say this is easier than doing it. Start small, if someone says something hurtful towards you just ask them not to do it again. If that person continues to hurt you leave the room or space. You need to take control of your own life and write your own story.

Life is a lot better when you live it free of worries and pain.

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