I love the holidays. I'm basically the walking contents of a snow globe. I love tacky holiday sweaters, giving gifts, volunteering, holiday lights and being around family. Although I love the holidays it's a pretty stressful time of the year. Last week a picture of Anne Hathaway holding a knife and laughing popped up all over my timeline. A lot of people posted the picture with a caption "me" or "my reaction to _______" Me, being the follower I am also saw this picture and thought "me during the holidays."

1. When your mom makes you clean the house before all your relatives come over.

2. When a relative asks you "are you dating anyone"

3. Or "how's school going?"

4. When you go shopping and there are people...... everywhere.

5. Also kids...... kids everywhere.

6. When your mom sends you to the grocery store knowing full well it'll be a mad house.

7. When you get to the grocery store and you spend most the trip finding somewhere to park.

8. When you run into people you went to high school with.

9. When those people from high school say "wow, you haven't changed at all" when you just got fresh highlights.

10. When you have a turkey and ham left overs for a week.

11. When the holidays are over and you have to go back to real life.

I joke about the annoying parts of the holidays but overall they are a great time. Enjoy your family and friends and your "break" from real life!