If Disney Characters Were College Majors

20 Disney And Pixar Characters And The College Majors They'd Almost Certainly Have

Disney characters in college is always fun to imagine.


Disney and Pixar movies are life. I have been watching them for over fifteen years. I love them, and I get just as excited as little kids when a new one is announced. Using animated characters to describe college majors was very fun, and I love when characters are used for articles like this, so I wanted to add to it.

1. Belle - English


She always has her nose buried in a book. There is no other major for Belle.

2. Mulan - Women's Studies


Not only does she go to war for her father, she saves all of China. She is a powerful woman who won't take no for an answer.

3. Jasmine - International Business


When she is on the magic carpet ride, she is amazed. Plus, she wants out of the castle. This will allow her to travel and see the world, as she maintains her princess duties.

4. Mike Wazowski - Engineering


Mike was always behind the scene. He is incredible smart and takes care of the internal issues within companies.

5. Snow White - Veterinarian Studies


She has the power to call animals with her voice. Animals trust her, and she would take care of them.

6. Honey Lemon - Chemistry


Honey Lemon is one of the purest animated characters ever. She is a total science badass. Plus, she personalizes every one of her experiments to be colorful and represent her.

7. Buzz Lightyear - Aviation 


He has his own built-in wings. He's basically a toy plane and a pilot wrapped up all in one.

8. Ariel - Marine Biology


Ariel has made many marine life friends throughout her years. Plus, she would never hurt a fly.

9. Tiana - Culinary Arts


Tiana makes some bomb beignets and opens her own restaurant. It's her dream and she found her path.

10. Rapunzel - Fine Arts


Rapunzel's whole tower is covered in extravagant murals. Plus, they're beautiful. She would be a very successful painter.

11. Elsa - Vocal Performance


Elsa's voice is amazing. Idina Menzel went hard when recording 'Let it Go.' Elsa could bring an entire audience to their feet and give them chills.

12. Hercules - Exercise Science


Hercules starts off as this scrawny teen and develops into this buff man. He would be an excellent personal trainer and keep people motivated to get fit.

13. Rafiki - Philosophy


Rafiki has some amazingly deep conversations with Simba. He could become a professor and teach this practice.

14. Judy Hopps and Nick Wild - Criminal Justice


These characters are set on saving Zootopia from crime and they take pride in their work.

15. Mufasa - Early Childhood Education


Mufasa is a very caring character and he would be friends with all of his students. He would want all his students to excel and he'd do everything he could to help them.

16. Jane - Anthropology


Jane is very patient with Tarzan and she teaches him social and human skills. She would be like that if she taught classes, too.

17. Pocahontas - Political Science


Pocahontas doesn't want to marry a man in her tribe, and she doesn't want her tribe to hurt the settlers. She would be able to keep the peace between two opposing parties.

18. Cruella de Vil - Fashion Design


Cruella de Vil may be evil, but she had some great fashion sense. The Dalmatian coat would have matched her hair and she would really make it work on Project Runway.

19. Fix-it-Felix - Architecture


Felix can fix any building. He would have a very clean eye for the buildings he would build.

20. Li Shang - National Security


Shang could lead an army to war and protect the nation's borders.

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