Animal Crossing Has Taken Over My Life
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Animal Crossing Has Taken Over My Life

Yes, I'll give you 40,000 bells for 5 Tarantulas


All I ask is for my loans to be paid off and for a nice dog.

Just sounds like a regular college student right? No, I'm talking about Animal Crossing where the loans are the loan to my house that has a 0% interest rate and the nice dog is Isabelle, which is also my main for Smash.

I literally messed up my sleep schedule more playing this game than a school break

So technically I did get this game over Spring break and I did play it during Spring break. But (zoom) university is back in session and I went to bed at 6am because I was playing Animal Crossing. That's right, I decided to sleep at 6 IN THE MORNING. I proceeded to wake up at about 10:30am so I could get up in time for classes and group meetings. I just really wanted to make bank on those tarantulas.

Sorry professor

Look, my house doesn't have a good place for me to study so I study and go to classes on my bed. It's my bed so it's comfy. I either fall asleep while taking notes or play Animal Crossing while my professor drones on and on about the same slide for the past two classes. Honestly, it keeps me awake and I still take notes on it just because I'm also alert and not dozing off.


To any video game ever, if you have a fishing mini-game, hit me up. Fishing is my passion in video games apparently. But my joycon is the first generation that has the drift so it makes it hard to fish as I can't get the angle exactly perfect. Plus the fish turns around IMMEDIATELY after I drop the perfect cast with a drifting joycon, it's the most aggravating feeling so I would like to have what I am entitled to: that fish.


I think I was somewhere between 4th-6th grade when I played Animal Crossing on the Nintendo DS. Not only was it a birthday gift from a cousin I didn't see very often, but it was so peaceful. I remember the used version that I got that had Dizzy in it. He was such a great villager and so nice. I want that. I want that carefree happiness again during this pandemic

Tik Tok

I have a Tik Tok. But I only viewed and watched people dance and do some other fun things like make fluffy coffee. I actually made a tik tok. I thought my first tik tok would be a dance video since I used to dance, but no. It's an animal crossing tik tok. Because I love this series and how cute that shit is. And me succumbing to making a tik tok sums up this article pretty nicely

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