13 'Oxnard' Lyrics As Flexin' Insta Captions

13 Anderson .Paak 'Oxnard' Lyrics As Flexin' Insta Captions

Anderson .Paak always delivers with incredible new music. 10 to 1 odds y'all gonna use him as a caption for your flexin' Instagram.


Anderson .Paak's latest studio album, Oxnard, dropped on November 16th and all is right with the world. The multi-talented artist managed to deliver a fantastic new soundtrack to 2018, collaborating with acclaimed producer Dr. Dre and his band the Free Nationals. Loaded with a unique sound and an arsenal of featured artists, the man formerly known as Breezy Lovejoy has your back for Instagram captions. YES LAWD!

1. "You know I like it Presidential"- 'Tints (feat. Kendrick Lamar)'

The dream collab we've always wanted finally came true. We all want things in life, so this lyric perfectly encapsulates that you want everything first-class like Air Force One.

2. "Baby hit the nerve like a Pepsi"- 'Headlow (feat. Norelle)'

For those not apologizing for your personality and living life to the fullest. If people don't f*** with your style, then you don't need to do like Pepsi and apologize.

3. "Still an Underground King, but the money's Jason Derulo"- 'Brother's Keeper (feat. Pusha T)'

You grind day in/day out, but you're bank account is stacked and you don't care if the world knows.

4. "I've been swimming through the process/And you can't see me, I'm the Loch Ness"- 'Who R U?'


You've come a long way to get your success, enduring a lot. Though some people don't believe it, they still gotta understand you are not going away and are here to stay.

5. "Now follow me/I'm too old to act childishly"- 'Saviers Road'

Don't have time to deal with petty bullshit? Then avoid that and make lemonade with the lemons you got. People will catch on eventually.

6. "But in the meantime, I remain streamlined"- 'Mansa Musa (feat. Dr. Dre & Cocoa Sarai)'

Staying motivated and making adjustments so haters don't get you and your clout remains 100%.

7. "I can't get rid of you, all the places that I used to go and kick it"- 'Trippy (feat. J.Cole)'


Open to interpretation. Just stay fly, guy.

8. "I could eat or split everything, my own decisions"- 'The Chase (feat. Kadhja Bonet)'

You control your destiny. Do what you gotta do to flex on 'em. YES LAWD!

9. "You know I'm workin' on a world premiere/And I could see the world from here"- 'Cheers (feat. Q-Tip)'

Do you really need context for this one? (This caption is perfect for posing at the Eiffel Tower or a local hotspot)

10. "Keep me from these useless bitches, these ruthless leeches" -'Smile/Petty'

Haters....FOH B.

11. "Spotlight that's just my life and time"- 'Sweet Chick (feat. BJ The Chicago Kid)'


You're used to the spotlight, don't be afraid. Keep livin', dawg.

12. "This sh*t gon' bang for at least six summers"- '6 Summers'

You're in your prime right now, and it's gonna last for quite some time.

13. "Real time, I been gettin' busy with them commas"- 'Left to Right'

You've been securing the bag and grabbing bread to live your life. Caption as you will.

There you go, fam. Some new, fresh caps for the 'gram. YES LAWD!


You can listen to Anderson .Paak's new album Oxnard on any streaming platform today!

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23 Times We Fell In Love With Nathan Scott From 'One Tree Hill'

Always and forever everyone's favorite basketball player.

Throughout "One Tree Hill," everyone has their favorites, but there is no character like Nathan Scott. Right from the start he makes his way into our hearts, but throughout the nine incredible seasons his character never disappoints. Here are a few of the times where #23 made our hearts stop.

1. "Pilot"

Well obviously, the first moment you see the tall, handsome man with dark features... you're hooked. Although this is Nathan's egotistical self, he's still pretty to look at.

2. "Are You There?"

It was only episode three where Nathan set the bar on pickup lines with his, "Don't say I never gave you anything," speech to Haley. He gave her a bracelet I'm sure only a five-year-old would wear regularly. But if it was a gift from him, I'd never take it off either.

3. "Every Night Is Another Story"

Love at first sight! Nathan Scott is shirtless. Need I say more? He's also kinda cute when he's embarrassed. (Don't worry. You are too, Lucas).

4. "The Search For Something More"

"You shouldn't have done that Nathan."

"I wanted to."

"Dare You to Move" blasts in the background as we see Naley in the making. Yes.

5. "I Shall Believe"

Nathan swallows his pride and visits his brother (whom he still hates at the time) at the hospital after his accident. He just happens to be there when Lucas opens his eyes for the first time.

6. "To Wish Impossible Things"

The boy-toy auction. I'm not OK.

7. "The Games That Play Us"

"But my heart says, 'Just forget about your pride, you idiot. You love this girl, and even if you're going to catch pneumonia, your ass is going to stand out here in the rain until you convince her to forgive you.'"

OK Nathan, be more perfect. I dare you.

8. "The Desperate Kingdoms Of Love"

I have no words. I'd marry him at 17, too.

9. "The Hero Dies In This One"

When our nightmare becomes reality and Haley leaves with Chris Keller to work on her music. Our hearts both grow and break for Nathan.

10. "Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows"

My heart.

11. "An Attempt To Tip The Scales"

Haley's back, Nathan's still mad. But, he does come to her rescue as just about the hottest Batman ever.

12. "How Resurrection Really Feels"

Nathan travels with Chris to win back Haley's demo that Chris lost in a poker game. Working with the person he hates most to get back the reason Haley left him in the first place... That's love.

13. "The Wind That Blew My Heart Away"

Nathan admits to Haley that he's been keeping track of her musical journey the whole time she was away because he was low-key proud of her. He deserves that rain kiss for being so perfect.

And in the same episode...

14. "With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept"

During the most devastating episode (in my opinion), Nathan runs back into the school to make sure Haley is safe from the shooter.

15. "Everyday Is A Sunday Evening"

"You got nothin', Scott!"

Not breathing.

16. "Everyday Is A Sunday Evening"

And just when we thought this episode couldn't get any better...

Yes, Nathan, you are sexy.

17. "The Show Must Go On"

We fall more in love with Nathan when he risks his own life on his wedding day to save crazy Rachel and his uncle, Cooper. So heroic. So amazing.

18. "I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness"

Nathan gets a full ride to Duke University, his dream school, but later learns Haley is pregnant. He doesn't run off, in fact he says he couldn't be happier.

19. "Resolve"

Desperate times call for desperate measures, but our man knew that. He needed money, so why not put on the best show there is? Although he wasn't the best dancer, I'm not complaining.

20. "For Tonight You're Only Here To Know"

After Quentin Fields's death, Nathan realizes how hard it must be for his son, Jamie. He does his best to be a good father and comfort him. Their father / son relationship makes our hearts melt throughout the series.

21. "Remember Me As A Time Of Day"

Nathan finally makes it to the NBA with the Charlotte Bobcats and we all couldn't be more proud (and in love with him).

22. "One Tree Hill"

It's the oldest story in the world, one day you're planning a future with your significant other, and then you realize Nathan Scott exists, and this is your life. You're lying if you say you aren't in love with him.

23. "Danny Boy"

And let us never forget when Nathan comes home just in time for the series finale. Literally one of the best moments in "One Tree Hill" history.

Nathan Scott, you are my hero. Literally.

Cover Image Credit: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/_5NeBdwXT6KOtNeMmI5cACBYS6FryTsypc4l3kqVc47wm2j_J1rJjppAXKSiTAcsc8CAuQ=s113

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After 'Extremely Wicked' And 'The Stranger Beside Me,' We Now Understand The Criminal Mind Of Ted Bundy

1 hour and 50 minutes, plus 550 pages later.


Netflix recently released a movie in May called "Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile" (2019), based on the life of Ted Bundy from his girlfriend's viewpoint.

In 1980, an author and former Seattle police officer, Ann Rule, published a book about her experience and personal, close friendship with Ted Bundy, called "The Stranger Beside Me."

These two sources together create an explosion of important information we either skim over or ignore about Ted Bundy. Watching this movie and reading this book can really open your eyes to who Ted Bundy really was. Yeah, there are the confession tapes on Netflix, too, but these other things can really tie it all into one big masterpiece of destruction.

I swear, it will blow your mind in different ways you never thought possible.

In the movie, "Extremely Wicked", Zac Efron stars as the infamous Ted Bundy, America's most notorious serial killer. He portrayed the murderer who kidnapped, killed, and raped 30 women or more. Personally, he made a great Ted Bundy, mannerisms and all. Lily Collins stars as Ted's girlfriend who was easily manipulated by Ted and believed that he was innocent for years.

The movie is told in the order that Liz, Ted's girlfriend, remembers.

In the book, "The Stranger Beside Me", Ann Rule writes about Ted Bundy, who used to be her old friend. They met while working at a crisis center in the state of Washington and were close ever since. Like Liz, Ann believed he was innocent and that he was incapable of these horrific crimes.

Ted Bundy had made both Liz and Ann fools. He easily manipulated and lied to both women about many things for years, his murders being "one" of them.

Okay, so we all know that Ted Bundy was absolutely guilty as hell and totally murdered those women. 30 women or more. He literally confessed to that, but researchers and authorities believe that number to be way higher.

But... you must know that the movie and the book tell two different stories that lead to the same ending. That's why it's so intriguing.

At one point, I couldn't stop watching the movie. Then, I bought Ann Rule's book and was completely attached to it. I couldn't put it down.

For me, Ted Bundy is interesting to me. Unlike most young girls today, I don't have a thing for him nor do I think he's cute or hot. I know that he used his charm and looks to lure women into his murderous trap. That's why it's so hard to understand why this movie and book created a new generation of women "falling in love" with Ted Bundy.

GROSS: He sodomized women with objects. He bludgeoned women with objects or his own hands. He was a necrophile. Look those up if you have not a clue of what they mean. That could change your mind about your own feelings for Ted Bundy.

After "Extremely Wicked" and "The Stranger Beside Me", I now understand the criminal mind of Ted Bundy. He was insane, but he was also smart, put together, educated, charming, and lots more. That's why I'm so interested in why his brain was the way it was.

The criminal mind is an interesting topic for me anyway, but for Ted Bundy, it was amazing to learn about.

I highly recommend both the movie and the book I quickly read in two weeks! If you want answers, they are there.

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