An Open Poem to Walt Disney
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An Open Poem to Walt Disney

How Walt Disney ruined my expectations of love.

An Open Poem to Walt Disney
jamie leroy

We grow up in a society ruled by the dreams that are created by the fantasyland of Disney. As little girls, we learn that one day, a knight in shining armor will wake us with a true love's kiss and together we'll ride into the sunset on his white and noble steed. Princesses like Cinderella teach us that all we need is a fairy godmother and a pretty dress to find a prince to save us from misery while others, like Sleeping Beauty, make us believe that our prince will stop at nothing, not even a dragon, to save us. Eighteen years later, I come before you with a poem and call BS.

"Dear Mr. Walt Disney"

Sir, who creates the moving pictures

of him with the monstrous ears and gigantic feet.

Sir, of that fantastical world scattered with friendly faces,

Why did you lie to me?

I see no castle, I see no fairy godmother, nothing I was promised.

Who must I beg to transform my pumpkin into a carriage?

Where is my knight in shining armor who rides upon his white stag?

Where is my true love’s kiss to wake me from my deepest slumber?

Why am I not the fairest of them all – rosy lips and hair dark as night,

With beauty and kindness that all adore?

Tell me where to find my fairytale.

Tell me where to leave my glass slipper.

Sir, after whom the magic kingdom is named,

Why did you lie to me?

Where is my happily ever after?

Despite the negativity of this poem, I really am an optimistic individual. I simply recognize the fact that females in our society are constantly disappointed because we are led to believe in chivalry and soul mates. However, in reality we don't find such things. Of course, this conviction is only from eighteen years of personal experience and watching others but don't worry, I do still hold out hope. Maybe my knight in shining armor is still out there somewhere and maybe one day I will get my happily ever after.

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