An Open Letter to the Uninspired Writer
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An Open Letter to the Uninspired Writer

Sometimes you just can't find the words.

An Open Letter to the Uninspired Writer
Rachael Higginbotham

Life, school, work, relationships, friendships, stress, pressure, expectations, commitments and so many more things play a factor into taking up the time and energy of college students and students everywhere. As a writer who juggles all of the above and many other things that aren't listed, it can become extremely hard to search for inspiration in life when you feel you never have the time to truly breathe it in and appreciate everything you're experiencing and all the beauty that life has to offer.

Feeling uninspired, to me, is like missing a piece of myself and after the events of the last few weeks at school, in a show, and in my personal life, I have been completely mentally drained with nothing left to offer to my writings. This caused me to panic a bit about what to do next. After a plea to my best friends about what to do, what to write, those beautiful geniuses inspired me and encouraged me to simply be honest- "Write about feeling uninspired." My best friend, Ashlyn, said. So that is exactly what I decided to do with an open letter to the Uninspired Writer.

Dear the Uninspired Writer,

The world is beautiful and messy and when you find the right moments, captivating. This is why I started writing. There were so many things about the world that we live in that I couldn't not record them and try desperately to give them moments, a life, an infinity. This is why I started writing. Throughout the course of my life, there have been monumental, unforgettable moments. Moments like marching in the Women's March on Washington. Or standing on the edge of a cliff in the mountains somewhere, just looking at the world below me. Or jumping into a crystal clear, natural waterfall deep in the forests of Australia, smack in the middle of winter when you can see your toes turn blue. Or standing on a rooftop with one of the most important people in my life while the city continued on around us and the wind tore at our clothes. Or walking along the river Seine while the Eiffle Tower lights up and the sun fades in the distance. These moments are why I started writing.

So when I start to feel uninspired, I have no understanding as to why because if I have experienced all of this and more, then how is it that I can't find anything to write about? I've learned that sometimes feeling uninspired isn't about not finding the subject, it's about not finding the words. Something in me just doesn't have the capacity to create in that moment and that is something that I am still coming to terms with and may be struggling with for a long time. Writing has been my outlet since as far back as I can remember. It is a part of the essence of who I am so when I feel like I can't find the words, I feel like I can't find a vital part of myself.

When I am the Uninspired Writer I ask myself about... myself. It's as simple as that. What do I love? What do I find beautiful? What moments have left me stunned, speechless, captivated, scared? What gets me going and makes me want to step up onto my soapbox? What am I passionate about? I ask myself, and I write down the answers. Often times, those questions will produce some sort of spark, a flicker of fire somewhere within that will start the words flowing. All this being said, I have had to learn that sometimes it is okay to be uninspired or not have the words. Feeling that spark of inspiration and having the words effortlessly flow through you is what makes writing special and if you try to force your hand too many times, it becomes a burden, not a love. And if it's not a love, what is the point?


A currently Uninspired Writer

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