To The Ones I Thought Were The One

I always thought that there would just be one man in my life that would the one and then that would be the end. I had no earthly idea how hard it would be find the one. I have always loved my boyfriends just in different ways, and at one time each of my boyfriends have been "the one".

To my middle school boyfriend,

I thought this breakup was the worse I would ever have, but boy was I wrong about that. Even though things did not work out between us I learned so much not so much about myself but relationships in general. Thank you for teaching me about relationships and for being my first real boyfriend. I learned that real relationships require trust, and no I do not mean me sharing my social media passwords with you. I learned that I should not have to unfollow a boy on instagram simply for liking my picture. While this relationship was not a healthy one I am thankful that you taught me this lesson early in life.

To my high school boyfriend,

I still think about you all the time and as much as I wish it could work out I know that it never will. I loved you with all my heart just to find out that the person I loved was just a lie. I loved the person that I thought you were, and sometimes I just think what if you were that person. Thank you for cheating on me and breaking my heart. As much as I hated to let you go it is better sooner than later. Even though you broke my heart you made me realize that I deserve someone who is going to love me not lie to me.

To my college boyfriend,

The hardest thing for me was having to leave and watch it totally destroy your world. It honestly killed me to see you so upset, but I knew it was time to do something for me. I am no longer the girl that you once loved. I changed who I was to make you happy, and I began to realize your morals and values were not where mine were. I should not have to change myself or settle for anything less. Thank you for telling me that I will never amount to anything and that no one will ever love me like you. This truly has been such great motivation for me.

To my future husband,

I have always wished that I could just know who you were going to be. That would have made things so much easier, but I would not have ever learned who I truly am. How could I have ever expected you to know me when I do not even know myself. I hope that you have also learned a lot about yourself. I continue to find myself more and more everyday, and I hope you are doing the same. I just know that when the timing is right you will come into my life. I look forward to that day but as for right now I am happy where I am. I hope that you are happy right now because marriage alone cannot make you happy. I know that marriage can be difficult, and I want to apologize in advance because I know I can be even more difficult. I pray about you daily and I hope that you do the same for me.

I am not sure how many more "ones" I might encounter before I truly find the one, but I am thankful that I have learned myself throughout this process. All of these boys were the one at one point and time, but people change and things happen. Sometimes what you think you want in life turns out to be quite the opposite when you finally get it. Even though things did not work out like I had hoped I am excited to see what the future holds for me.

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