An Open Letter To The Parents Of College Students
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An Open Letter To The Parents Of College Students

Its not all rainbows and unicorns.

An Open Letter To The Parents Of College Students

You made a C in that class? You must be partying constantly! Do you do anything other than watch Netflix? Maybe you should stay off Facebook and Instagram for a while and study more. Do you ever go to class? Maybe if you didn't take so many naps.

That is what parents seem to think anyway. Some people do have those problems, but most of us are just trying to graduate. No, I don't wanna be a professional college student dad. Here is the thing, though, college is hard. No seriously H-A-R-D. I don't necessarily mean the work either. So Mom and Dad here is a break down.

We have more than one class. Which means multiple teachers, giving out multiple assignments, all due around the same time. Not only do you have an eight-page essay due, but also two powerpoints, a book review, and a group project.

Tests are a lot harder. I feel like all the professors get together and say " Oh you're giving a 100 question test that day? I'll do mine too and throw in some essay questions!" Like really, I think this is a thing.

We do actually try to pay attention in class. Most of the time it works out, but not always. We have professors who we can't understand, professors who should have retired 20 years ago because they don't even know what they are talking about, and professors who are just plain boring. I think one of my professors is related to Ben Stein, or works hard on imitating him.

Yes, I do take naps. That's because I was up all night working on all the other stuff I have to do. That's only if I have time and not as often as you think. Plus I do have to wake up and drag myself toi the next class.

And yes I do go to class. Most of the time. Yea I know I should go all the time but sometimes I just can't. I need a break. I know you've called in sick when you needed a break so is it really that terrible? Believe it or not, I've skipped to study for another class.

Party constantly? I always laugh at this one. Mom who has time to party. Not even weekly. Every now and then, and when I do I'm probably gonna leave early so I can sleep.

Finally Netflix and social media. Stress is a permanent state of mind in college so yea I watch Netflix and laugh at memes on Facebook. I need a little relaxation. Even the occasional binge session of grey's Anatomy never hurt anyone, right?

We are actually trying to graduate, and would love to make an A in every single class. However, we are doing the best we can. Don't forget C's get degrees! I'm just kidding mom, calm down. We need a little extra sleep and a lot of patience. In the end, we really are trying to succeed and make you proud!

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