Do me a favor; take a deep breath. I know it feels like you're drowning. Finishing assignment after assignment, paper after paper, test after test. For every one you finish, five more seem to pop up out of no where.

Oh, and not to mention your pile of laundry that somehow tripled in size in a matter of three days between you and a baby... Yes, I'm right here drowning with you under the same pile of laundry, tests, homework, papers, etc. I might even be drowning in my own tears after this week I've had so many stress related breakdowns!

I'm right here with you, Mama. I more than sympathize.. But, don't give up.

In the words of Dory,

"Just keep swimming"

When it feels like you're drowning, remember who you're doing this for.

Maybe you're like me and you've been putting off finishing school because.. to be honest.... you've never really been a big fan...

You became too comfortable in your job because it came easy to you, while school was hard. It damaged what little self-confidence you had to begin with, and you were desperate for a dose of anything that finally made you feel good about yourself. You were so confident in your work you had yourself convinced you could just do that forever and you didn't need school! Then...... bam.

That little blue-eyed bundle of joy looked you straight in the eyes and what you thought was your heart melting, was really your heart becoming stronger. Ready to take on whatever life throws at you and your little one because from here on out, your actions shape your families future.

So, you've decided to finish school and get that paper. And you're exhausted.

Let me guess..

You're probably running on your 6th cup of coffee?

And ugh, that laundry....

You blink and it somehow just got that much bigger....

Well, chug the coffee, toss-up that mom bun, and take a deep breath, Mama. I promise you'll finish those papers, you'll pass those tests, that never-ending pile of clothes will without a doubt come to an end, then it'll be 10:45pm on a Sunday night and you can finally breathe. You finally get to catch the next episode of Parenthood on Netflix you've been trying to get to all week in the midst of your crazy student-Mom life.. You'll enjoy it for about 5 minutes before the reality of doing it all over again, starts tomorrow.

Then you think about it, and you realize, you wouldn't trade this craziness for anything else. Working your butt off to make the best future for you and that beautiful baby. Typing research papers drenched in the smell of spit up and smashed carrots, then finding only God knows what in your hair half way through the school day.

But you're doing all of this for your family, and that..

makes you a bad ass Mama.